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There are always many things to be prepared in the early stage of new house decoration. First of all, it is difficult to understand the decoration quotation clearly. The house type of 90 square meters is very common, and it is also the area of many owners' homes that carry out decoration bidding on Wuhan home decoration online. Today, the editor mainly focuses on the decoration price of 90 square meters. Let's analyze how much it costs to decorate the blank room for you? Come and have a look quickly

[90 square meters Nordic style decoration model room]

[latest quotation list for 90 square meters decoration]

Project 1: basic engineering

shoveling the wall skin (gypsum ash) 860.00

rough wall base treatment 430.00

wall/ground cement mortar leveling 210.00

door sealing 360.00

door pocket base (Blockboard) 420.00

demolition of brick wall (120 mm) 245.00

demolition brick wall (240mm) 750.00

remove the original doors and windows and sleeves 165.00

light brick wall (120 mm double-sided plastering) 3675.00

paint the hole, beam bottom and other parts after removing the wall 420.00

cement board partition at the back of the cabinet 297.50




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