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In the marketing process of aluminum doors and windows, no matter what strategy the salesperson adopts to persuade consumers, there is only one fundamental purpose, that is, to promote transactions. How can we achieve better and more effective marketing? Aluminum door and window enterprises also need to grasp the three "points" of consumers

understand the pain points of consumers

many consumers have encountered pain points when buying goods. The so-called pain points are the problems that once occurred to customers, making them distressed and don't want to experience again. Therefore, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should summarize the pain points that have occurred, such as manufacturing materials, clear and real prices, product quality, etc., all of which are consumption pain points that perplex Pro Lai and aluminum alloy door and window consumers. Aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should avoid the pain points of consumers if they want to improve the trading volume

grasp the itch point of consumers

the so-called itch point shows the purchase desire of customers who care about and are interested in products. For example, how can the numerous integrated aluminum alloy door and window enterprise brands make users feel that they are the most suitable without wasting? How to present customers' imagined but unspeakable needs in front of them most intuitively? What kind of after-sales service is the most intimate and moving for users? If we can solve this series of "itching points" for customers, the order forming rate of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises will be greatly improved

grasp the excitement of consumers

excitement is the point that stimulates the instantaneous increase of customers' hormones and can make users produce consumption impulse. Now consumers, mainly post-80s and post-90s, will find comfortable life programs in their spare time, and are unwilling to spend their time browsing the building materials market house by house. The key is that there should be scenes that can impress users in the service process of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises

nowadays, "differentiation" is a topic of constant discussion in the aluminum door and window industry, whether in products, brands, or services. Regardless of the first two, in the case of similar product and brand influence, service is indeed a great way to convey the brand image to users and reach a deal

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