Uter New Year's Day promotional activities

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Promotion time from December 25th, 2012 to January 25th, 2013

I: special offer product model

1: s this whole set of models; U this complete set of models, L2 gold wire and silver wire; L35; B3;

B5; M34; M18; During the J26 event, the above models are supplied at a special price of 8.8%

II: preferential rules for advance deposit

1: during the event, if the advance payment is more than 20000 (including 20000), 3000 yuan will be given as a gift (3000 yuan will be given in the form of offsetting the payment for goods, and the use time is not limited)

2: during the activity period, those whose cumulative order amount exceeds the pre deposit amount can still enjoy the company's promotional activities, and the excess part is supplied at a discount of 9.5 (special price products are supplied at a discount of 8.8)

III: detailed rules for product promotion of the whole line

1: except for the above activities, the product models of the whole line of the company are supplied at a discount of 9.5% during the activity period (unlimited amount)

the promotion time is from December 25th, 2012 to January 25th, 2013





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