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Yunpin wall scenery has quickly won the favor of customers and the unanimous recommendation of industry people with its unique decorative effect, affordable price and convenient construction. Compared with traditional wall decoration materials wallpaper, what are the characteristics and advantages of yunpin wall scenery

1. Better effect

the decorative style of yunpin wall scenery is more brilliant, which is the intuitive feeling of customers. Because wallpaper usually repeats small patterns, while yunpin wall scenery is a vivid large painting. Compared with it, the decorative effect is more personalized, which also meets the personalized needs of young people now

2. The price is cheaper

yunpin wall scenery is charged according to the whole painting. It only costs 800 yuan to make a painting, while wallpaper is charged according to square meters. Medium and high-end wallpaper generally needs to reach more than 70 or 80 yuan per square meter. Moreover, it is difficult to make an effect by making a wall alone. Generally, it is a whole house, and the cost is relatively much higher

3. Higher environmental protection performance

yunpin wall adopts water-based mixed pigments, which do not contain harmful solvents. The environmental protection index is high, and the environmental protection performance of wallpaper is uneven. In addition, wallpaper glue needs to be applied before pasting in the process, especially low-grade wallpaper, which is difficult to ensure environmental protection

4. The later quality assurance effect is better

yunpin wall scenery does not need to be taken care of after construction, and the image quality is smooth and delicate, not easy to accumulate dust, moisture and mildew. However, the phenomenon of curling bubbles and mildew that are easy to appear in the later stage of wallpaper is difficult to maintain a long effect




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