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Nowadays, solid wood doors are very popular. Solid wood doors have always been favored by the majority of consumers, and friends who want to buy solid wood doors are confused about the brand of solid wood doors and how to buy good wood doors. Wooden door, when people mention this word, they often think of the words "China's top ten wooden door brands", "wooden door brands", "wooden door manufacturers" and so on, because these can make consumers feel more at ease and more secure! So as one of the top ten brands of solid wood doors, tree life teaches you several ways. How can you buy a good wooden door product

first point: look at the appearance. The paint surface of high-quality wooden doors should be full, smooth, rich and natural, and the surface texture should be clear and lifelike; On the contrary, the inferior wooden door has exposed paint, bubbling and blurred surface texture

second point: look at the wood veneer or solid wood splice. The veneer or solid wood splices of high-quality wooden doors are carefully processed, and there is no sign of combination. However, the veneer or solid wood of the inferior wood door is rough, and the splicing is obvious, and even cracking and dislocation occur

third point: look at the flatness of the wooden door. The high-quality wooden door has strict requirements on material selection, process control and factory inspection. The surface of the finished wooden door is flat and straight, and the shape is perfect after installation. Poor quality wooden doors have low requirements for materials, processes and inspection. The warpage of finished wooden doors is large. After installation, it is obvious that the wooden doors and door frames cannot be aligned

fourth point: weigh the weight. Because the solid wood door adopts a whole piece of wood or the same kind of wood, it is heavier than the general non solid wood door in weight. For the light solid wood door, it can be concluded that the filler in the door panel is not solid wood or not enough

fifth point: smell. By smelling the smell, we can preliminarily identify whether the wooden door meets the environmental protection requirements. Open the closed door first, or smell the smell of the wooden door close. If there is a pungent smell, or even feel dry eyes, tears, sneezing, it indicates that the formaldehyde emission of the wooden door is high, and you should choose carefully

sixth point: listen to the sound

you can use percussion to listen to the sound. The sound of good wood is mellow and textured. When shopping, consumers can knock on all parts of the wooden door with their hands. If they find that the timbre is uneven or even hollow, it is definitely not a solid wooden door

seventh point: when purchasing wooden doors, we should first check whether there is a quality certificate issued by the state. Especially for high-grade wooden doors, in addition to the quality certificate, there are also detailed descriptions of materials, structure, quality and performance

wooden door products are emerging in an endless stream in the furniture market. In order to buy high-quality wooden doors, the product quality of first-line brands is indeed trustworthy, but if you consider from the economic level, as long as you carefully identify the quality of wooden doors, some medium-sized brands are also very suitable

when buying furniture, you still need to choose customized services. Tree life selects imported log materials, endows them with unique creative design and exquisite and strict technology, and highly restores the original essence of wood, which can truly meet the customization needs of consumers and feed back to the furniture appearance that consumers desire. More professional and considerate franchise services, looking forward to cooperating and developing with the majority of franchisees! Create a high-quality life and set an industry benchmark. Tree life is always on the way





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