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Plan decoration, but have no concept of budget quotation, so when choosing decoration company, they are also hesitant and wavering. Most of the owners have done decoration for the first time, and have never been in touch with it, let alone understand the fishiness. Here, the suggestion of the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network is that you can first find the house type that is similar to your own home, then sort out the decoration needs of yourself and your family, and then review the quotation of individual items one by one to determine, so as to harvest a cost-effective budget. The following Xiaobian will take an 80 ㎡ apartment in Poly Garden as an example to analyze the latest quotation for you

[housing condition of Poly Garden community]

area: 80 ㎡; House structure: three bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and one bathroom; Decoration method: half package; (Group Decoration activities in Poly Garden community)

judging from the current decoration quotation in Wuhan, it is now between 300 and 700 square meters per square meter. There is no doubt that the hydropower foundation project and the restaurant aisle have always occupied the bulk of the decoration quotation, because whether it is material selection, construction technology, or the choice of wire brand, the owner needs to use the best, and the effect affecting the later stage can not be ignored. Moreover, the owners are very concerned about the design of the living room. The fancy ceiling, TV background wall and sofa background wall all spend more time, so the cost will be slightly higher

after reading such a quotation compiled by the above editor, do you also have a "good idea" of your home decoration budget? In addition, as you are preparing to decorate, you might as well come to Wuhan home decoration network to publish Wuhan Decoration bidding information now. There are more professional home decoration information and no ranking information of Wuhan decoration companies. There are more than 60 Wuhan decoration companies that provide home decoration consulting free of charge, and more than three companies that measure rooms and design solutions free of charge. There are so many beautiful styles waiting for you [click] release]




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