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The form and connotation of Shanghai style Chinese style are rich and colorful. Through the exchange and impact of various civilizations, the fashion trend is constantly changing. Now let's have a look with Yulong Pavilion

Shanghai style Chinese style

rich in form and connotation

integration of China and the West

through the exchange and impact of various civilizations

has promoted the constant changes of fashion trends

Shanghai style Chinese style

Yulong Pavilion × Peony good news picture

tonight, the spring is warm

the sound of insects is new through the green window screen

peony, elegant, national color, heavenly fragrance, the symbol of wealth, the embodiment of beauty, is one of the top ten traditional famous flowers in China, and is respected as the "king of flowers" and "national flower". During the Five Dynasties period, peony was endowed with the character of "wealth", and the great painter Xu Xi wrote the painting of wealth in the jade hall. In the Song Dynasty, Zhou Dunyi said, "peonies are the riches of flowers." The peony group in full bloom means "wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity and happiness"

magpie has the word "Xi" in its name, which makes people happy, and behind it is a beautiful legend and more than 2000 years of Chinese history and culture. The magpie built a magpie bridge for them when the Cowherd and the weaver girl met on Tanabata; In the "bird Sutra", there is also the embodiment of magpie heralding spring, which brings auspicious omens to people

magpie is a bird that people are looking forward to seeing, because it represents good luck and happiness. Peony is also a favorite flower of many people, because it is full of auspiciousness and wealth, magpie and peony, which means "Golden Magpie reports good news, wealth and auspiciousness, and happy marriage"

Yulong Pavilion × Peony happy Herald style

this main flower design takes peony and magpie as the main body of the design. Magpie speaks softly, seems to communicate with human nature, and is an auspicious bird. The perfect combination of peony and magpie conveys the auspicious meaning of happy eyebrows, harmonious reunion, and a blessing with Chinese characteristics

Yulong Pavilion × Soft decoration case

the spiritual curtains and Chinese furniture set off each other, showing elegance and peace. The overall space color and form all remind the inheritance and evolution of the Oriental humanistic spirit, and show the noble life taste of low-key art with rich details

Shanghai style Chinese style

Yulong Pavilion × Qushui pattern

peach blossom and flowing water go away

there is a world different from human life

Qushui pattern, the name of ancient brocade. According to Tang poetry "e; Peach blossom and flowing water are gone, and there is a different world ", And Song Ci " Falling flowers and flowing water red " And other meanings, and create a kind of artistic expression " Falling flowers and flowing water "e

this kind of brocade decorative pattern, which is quite popular in the Song Dynasty, is also known as Qushui pattern and purple Qushui. It is a plum blossom or peach blossom in the form of a single flower or a folded branch, which is decorated with water waves. This kind of brocade is called falling flower and flowing water brocade. The first sentence of song Huizong's book "painting scroll of Fu on the back of Red Cliff" collected in the Palace Museum " Plum blossom and water brocade "e;, It is the representative work of this kind of brocade. Since the yuan and Ming Dynasties, it has been developed in brocade workshops all over the country and widely used by other handicrafts, from one to more than ten, commonly known as "e; Falling flowers and flowing water " Stria

Yulong Pavilion × Qushuiwen style

the design of this main pattern is inspired by the traditional Chinese brocade pattern qushuiwen, as if the story of "falling flowers and flowing water" still lingers in my heart. The beauty of life that can stand the passage of time is the space and power given by culture and story

Yulong Pavilion × Case of soft decoration

the soft decoration scheme of this tasting presents a simple artistic conception, which is partially reconciled with fresh and elegant ink, and shows the hierarchical beauty of modern Chinese home through a large number of concise details

please look forward to more highlights

(image source: Yulong Pavilion, invasion and deletion)




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