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Guanghong electric appliance signed xtools' magnificent transformation from grass root to star

the predecessor of Guanghong electric appliance, Xuyong Guanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., was founded in 1997 and mainly engaged in the sales of home appliance accessories. In 2004, Guanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was transformed and involved in the wholesale and retail of finished home appliances. Since its establishment in 2009, Guanghong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has not only engaged in the wholesale and retail of home appliances, but also increased the wholesale and retail of solar energy, air energy and water purifiers, The company plans to complete the establishment of professional teams for large-scale engineering design, installation and maintenance of air energy, ground heating and water purification, as well as the investment in large-scale hot water and water purification projects within one year

optimistic growth in the declining economic situation

in 2015, affected by the economic downturn in the domestic and international environment, the downturn in the real estate market, the withdrawal of the policy of sending home appliances to the countryside, the rapid growth of Chuangxing brand relying on the Internet platform, and vicious price competition led to more fierce competition in the home appliance industry. Midea and Gree, the leading enterprises in the home appliance industry, experienced significant performance decline. For example, in order to attract more customers, Some small household appliances and physical stores have 200-200 price concessions, while large household appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines have dropped by about 900-1600. In the face of such fierce competition, Guanghong not only hasn't been affected and is making steady profits, but also is planning to fully expand its product line and expand to large-scale water heaters and water purification projects. Starting from the accessories of the home appliance industry step by step, what is the secret? Perhaps the biggest mystery is that the genes of creation in the blood of Guanghong electric are relatively developed, and there are many external environments that support its genes of creation --xtools

xtools creates these environments

1. About employees (work): almost every CRM system can record some data more or less. The design of each CRM system is different from the product manager's understanding of CRM. The deeper the understanding of CRM system, the more value the product can bring to users. As the xtools product designer, the data created by the employees themselves should be intuitive to the service manager. Managers need to know how employees start and work. Enterprises will realize this problem more and more deeply in the future. For more information on how to open the product design of xtools and how to start and carry out the work of holographic employees, please consult xtools customer service. Guanghong Electric has realized this for a long time, and xtools completely meets his needs. Well, it turns out that Niu X's view is roughly the same. The person in charge said proudly

2. About innovation (enterprise). When an enterprise is taken as a whole, it is a separate enterprise. When it is integrated into: people, products, departments, roles, customers, partners, channels, office environment, and even the music, laughter and fierce debate in the environment, these will become the parts that can be innovated by the enterprise. From the moment when Guanghong started to make home appliance accessories, it knew that product innovation was very important, and this innovation must be based on their continuous practice and experience. Therefore, they spent 18 years, 18 years, a new stage of life from ignorance to maturity. In the 18 years, from making accessories to making large-scale water heater and water purifier projects and their investments with full confidence. As for innovation, the author thinks that Guanghong has the most power to say, rather than follow others to make a flat station, or learn to spend money to pull traffic o2o guys who are eager for quick success and instant benefit. Knowing the essence of innovation, every sector mentioned in xtools system (customers can learn about our product quality information, customer cognition, sales follow-up, business process and after-sales system) will usher in the greatest change. There is no end to innovation. Now, how many people don't understand innovation, and xtools just knows more than their peers

3. About sharing (thinking). Sharing serves innovation. There is no innovation without thinking. When there are no talents like jobs in the enterprise, well, what the enterprise needs to do is to condense all the (human) thinking that can be condensed. Let's think about it. If there is no sharing or any knowledge source, everyone in the enterprise will perform their own duties. This will be very dangerous. Around this very important thing - thinking, xtools has created many paradigms that can let thinking spread. Xtools has a knowledge base, which you can use in this way. Xiao Li, a salesperson, can win the sales champion almost every month and let him share it with you; In addition, the sales executives find some sales models (these sales models are taken from xtools) when they have nothing to do. The reason is that the undeveloped potential customers of the enterprise are in these sales models. As long as they are all recognized, is there any sales difficult to do in the world; Sharing (thinking) is really everywhere. However, xtools system is there. Some data in it are not analyzed, summarized, re understood and shared. Instead, using digital controller to replace the original analog controller has become a necessary choice for the new generation of hydraulic fatigue testing machine. It is a tool and cannot play its due value

redefine service

in fact, service also belongs to the category of innovation. I want to put it out separately because service is really important. In the process of enterprise serving customers, customers are practicing the enterprise's promises to them, the enterprise's products, and the enterprise itself, to test whether the enterprise itself is really like what they publicize. They are more aware of what you see: complaints, quarrels, or more seriously taking the enterprise directly to court, because the enterprise always deceives consumers in different ways, Or it may be invisible to exaggerate itself or the product. Once the customer receives the unpleasant feeling of the enterprise, that is, the enterprise makes the consumer very unhappy, then the enterprise will not want peace. They will tell everyone around him about their dissatisfaction with you, which is just a matter of a circle of friends. The enterprise is even more terrible under the official account. Therefore, the enterprise understands that the consequences of making the consumer unhappy are very serious. In this regard, I'd like to talk about the design idea of xtools. In the process of holographic employees' work, xtools intercepts to avoid discomfort. For example, you can see that employees have data records at the stage of customer follow-up or at important moments. If these records can trigger unpleasant traces, they will be solved in a timely manner or by a group of people in a very short time; There are also e-mail, SMS, internal communication, mobile client and other components. They can always maintain the connection with customers, or convey the love and regret of the enterprise, which makes those unpleasant things resolved and invisible. These are only done by xtools. If you understand the intention of xtools, then do so. In fact, there are many

experience new ways of working

choose xtools mobile office app series, and you will feel lucky for your choice. In a more delicate word now. You see, in addition to the above, you should also lead your employees to experience the most popular working methods. The new way of working enables employees to enjoy freedom and maximum convenience. In fact, a large part of it is designed for the millennials who have grown up in an Internet environment. This way is more suitable for them. In this way, gradually, old working methods will be replaced. For example, in field management, the approval of travel expenses, the use of expenses, reimbursement, or adding customers, delegating maintenance work orders, writing, etc. can be completed in the shortest time and with the highest efficiency. This kind of work experience is very good

there is no chance in the universe. When you choose the CRM manufacturer a, you choose the result a, you choose the CRM manufacturer B, and you choose the result B. No matter what your choice is, your choice should best cover the most comprehensive thinking, thinking creates reality, and choose the CRM that can give you the most enlightenment, because such CRM condenses the highest thinking of the creator. If you are not aware of this, So, choosing xtools is no different from choosing other CRM. They can swim under the screen. They are all a bunch of tools, but the difference is who is better at using them. 11 years' experience accumulation in CRM field +. In fact, it is too low to measure experience by time. I can only say that 11 years' experience accumulation in CRM field covers more thinking, waiting for you to find it, or waiting for you to create more value of this system together

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