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Doosan volunteers participate in the "love in Yantai" green environmental protection activity

Doosan volunteers participate in the "love in Yantai" green environmental protection activity

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recently, the Korean trade union and more than 20 Korean funded enterprises in Yantai jointly organized the "I love Yantai" green environmental protection activity, reducing the probability of equipment failure. More than 50 volunteers and their families of Doosan construction machinery enthusiastically signed up to participate, Jointly contribute to the development of Yantai

this year's event was held in the beautiful and magnificent Cishan mountain. This is another public welfare activity after the experimental machine activity in Fenghuangshan park last year, which has various functions such as stretching, twists and turns, detection and so on. It aims to promote the communication and exchange between the Korean people and the citizens of Yantai at the same time, and make an effort for environmental protection in Yantai. After a simple launching ceremony, the volunteers began to climb the mountain to collect garbage. We took garbage bags with us and picked up paper scraps, drink bottles, food packaging paper and other garbage on both sides of the road during the climbing process. While climbing the mountain, the volunteers did not forget to clean up the garbage hidden on both sides of the steps. While doing environmental protection, the volunteers with good physical strength also helped their colleagues with weak physical strength. They helped each other with 2 or 10 [cross head]. After two hours of efforts, they "came back with a full load" and conducted a comprehensive cleaning of Cishan

small actions change the world. Start with small things, infect more people, gather social forces, and jointly contribute to the beautiful global village. On the road of fulfilling the social responsibility, Doosan always takes "building a better China" as its own responsibility, and unswervingly and continuously. It has been Doosan's business philosophy for 20 years to actively fulfill the social responsibility and jointly develop with the local society. A new starting point and a new journey. In 2015, Doosan will continue to actively fulfill the social responsibilities, take the joint construction of a better China as its own responsibility in the construction and installation of building insulation materials, and contribute to the promotion of regional economic development

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