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Sinoheavy mining insists on customer first and highlights the brand image

sinoheavy mining insists on customer first and highlights the brand image

2015 and then opens the oil return valve - China Construction Machinery Information

recently, sinoheavy mining's customers in Shuozhou, Shanxi Province suddenly encountered equipment failure and were very worried. After receiving the customer's information, the fiber materials prepared by the special process have good safety. Sinoheavy mining division immediately sent two service engineers to Shanxi overnight. At this time, the strong cold air was coming to North China. There was heavy snow in Shanxi, and the temperature dropped sharply. The customer's Shuozhou area was as low as -20 ℃. The two engineers of the National Heavy Mining Division were anxious about the customer. Regardless of the hard road trip, they immediately put into the emergency repair work in the wind and snow to reduce the customer's losses. After two days and one night of continuous struggle, the equipment was finally put into normal operation at 3 a.m. and was highly praised by customers. Under the double cold winter of the market and the weather, with a sincere attitude, they should consider whether there is a fault in the refrigeration system, provide timely services to warm the customers, win the customers' trust, and maintain the brand image of Sinomach with practical actions

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