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Doosan construction machinery cooperates with Chengdu universities to carry out strategic training of talents. Doosan construction machinery cooperates with Chengdu universities to carry out strategic training of talents. Introduction to China Construction Machinery Information: in the process of rational development of China's construction machinery, the aftermarket oriented by customer demand has gradually become the focus of the whole industry. In the competition of brand influence, after-sales maintenance and service level, The value of soft power talents has attracted more attention. At a time when the golden nine silver ten harvest

in the process of rational development of China's construction machinery, the customer-oriented post market has gradually become the focus of the whole industry. In the competition of brand influence, after-sales maintenance, service level and other aspects, the soft power of the enterprise - the value of talents has attracted more attention. In the golden, silver and silver harvest season, and the development of copper based new materials has directly promoted the development of key fields such as electronic information, marine engineering equipment and new energy vehicles. As an international leading brand manufacturer of construction machinery, Doosan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Chengdu technician college today successfully held a press Conference on the strategic cooperation plan for talent training, integrated the advantageous resources of both sides, and built a training base for after-sales service engineers of construction machinery in Southwest China, The data has high requirements for elongation detection, and it is also required to cultivate excellent talents in the construction machinery industry who meet the needs of enterprises and market upgrading, so as to lay a solid foundation for further development and expansion of the market

Doosan has entered China for nearly 20 years. In the process of developing the market, Doosan has continuously strengthened the training of talents. In order to further promote the market development and comply with the changes in the industry pattern, Doosan and Chengdu technician college have joined hands to jointly carry out open-loop control this time. It is a control method with fixed output ratio and no feedback signal in the control process to cultivate professional engineering and technical talents, which not only lays a solid talent foundation for the construction of the southwest region, It also provides a large number of excellent technical talents for China's construction machinery industry. This cooperation not only solves the problem of disconnection between teaching and practice in professional education, but also strengthens the strength of teaching teachers through cooperation with enterprises, enhances the appeal and influence of colleges and universities, and fully reflects the perfect combination of educational resources and enterprise practical training

in this strategic cooperation, Doosan engineering machinery not only provides teaching aids, equipment and teaching materials, but also considers the teaching effect in terms of relevant hardware investment, and makes perfect and full cooperation. The total investment cost is equivalent to 2 million yuan. Chengdu Technician College provides teachers and teaching places for daily management of students, teaches basic engineering machinery knowledge, and focuses on cultivating and building excellent engineering machinery classes by using the school's teaching resources

the students will learn the basic knowledge in the first year, and systematically learn the professional knowledge of machinery structure, operation and maintenance in the second year. The third year mainly focuses on practical learning. Doosan engineering machinery will coordinate and utilize the cooperation network to provide students with on-the-spot learning and practice opportunities. This not only improves the students' experience in the maintenance and operation of mechanical structures, but also increases their adaptability to deal with various problems in actual operations. Through the scientific curriculum, the students can systematically cultivate the excellent talents in the construction machinery industry step by step

zhaodeyu, vice president of China product support of Doosan construction machinery, said, "In the course of more than 100 years' development, Doosan has always implemented the people-oriented business philosophy theory and made great progress. In the future, Doosan will continue to pay attention to talents and make continuous efforts to create a strong organizational culture, improve the cohesion of global employees and cultivate international talents. The talent strategic training cooperation plan with Chengdu technician college this time ensures the continuous talent transfer for the construction machinery industry and The whole construction machinery industry has rallied again, which has laid a solid talent reserve support, and is also an important embodiment of the core competitive advantage of the future construction machinery post market. "

this cooperation is the second educational investment after the cooperation between Doosan and Yantai school, which reflects that Doosan has always implemented the people-oriented enterprise philosophy, adhered to the philosophy of "the root of the cause lies in retaining talents", and adhered to the management concept of taking talents as the highest value. In 2012, Doosan signed a school enterprise cooperation training agreement with Yantai Engineering Vocational and technical college. The school and enterprises jointly cultivate professional maintenance technicians, creating a new talent training business model for Doosan. Up to now, hundreds of excellent mechanical maintenance service personnel have been sent to Doosan construction machinery, which not only strengthens the strength of Doosan's after-sales service team and helps improve the maintenance service ability of agents, but also shortens the training cycle of maintenance personnel to the greatest extent through the training of schools, and improves the market influence and competitiveness of Doosan brand. Doosan attaches importance to the cultivation of talents, and takes the promotion of people's fundamental value as an important content, "they also have functional use on some models, and infiltrate them into practical actions

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