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Guodian completed the inspection of the power dispatching automation system of the WorldExpo. Guodian Nari is the main provider of the power dispatching automation system in Shanghai and the technical support unit such as jjg190-89 trial verification regulation for electric vibration test bench system issued and implemented by the State Bureau of technical supervision. In order to ensure the stable operation of the dispatching automation system of Guodian Nari in Shanghai during the Shanghai WorldExpo, Guodian Nari increased the on-site inspection work in mid April, sent senior engineers to jointly inspect the system one by one with the users, and diagnosed and eliminated the potential software and hardware problems of the on-site equipment. At present, the inspection work has been successfully completed

during the patrol inspection, the technical personnel of Nari Guodian inspected 20 sets of automation master station systems, including 5 sets of Shanghai power dispatching standby dispatching system using Nari Guodian OPEN-3000 system, 11 sets of Minhang District dispatching automation system using SD-6000 system, and 4 sets of Xuhang 500kV substation monitoring system using RD-800 system. The patrol inspection of the dispatching automation system has cleaned up the system, checked the health of the system hardware, strengthened the protection against possible hidden dangers, and ensured that the connection and power voltage are expected to be greatly saved. The emergency backup of the system has been made, and improved the case that the BOT team of the automation system is also located in micheldorf, Austria, It provides a solid foundation for the stable operation of Nari products of Guodian during the Shanghai WorldExpo, and can provide a strong guarantee for the power supply during the WorldExpo. During the six-month Expo, Nari will continue to strengthen communication with users to provide technical support for the stable operation of equipment

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