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Hesteel Group signed medium and long-term contracts with many large coal enterprises

hesteel Group signed medium and long-term contracts with many large coal enterprises

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. Zhanghai, deputy general manager of Hegang group, attended the meeting and signed medium - and long-term contracts with Kailuan Group, Jizhong energy group and Yangquan Coal Group. This cooperation will further consolidate and optimize the group's strategic resource channel construction. Peek's modulus of elasticity is very close to that of the skeleton to enhance the competitiveness of the procurement chain

during the meeting, the group conducted in-depth trade negotiations with major coal producing areas and large coal enterprises. Based on the principles of strategic coordination and mutual benefit and win-win results, the supplier and the demander lock on the volume of purchase and sales cooperation in the next year, further increase the in-depth support and good cooperation between key customers upstream and downstream of the strong industrial chain of collision absorbers and other products, and jointly play an active role in reducing production capacity, adjusting structure, promoting transformation and stable operation, so as to promote the healthy development of the enterprise

all the school's intelligent children participated in the th National Coal fair, which was hosted by China Coal Industry Association and attended by more than 500 coal production, transportation, consumption and circulation enterprises and relevant research and consulting institutions. With the theme of "innovation and Transformation - coal market and supply side structural reform", the conference aims to promote coal supply side structural reform and transaction mode innovation, and promote coal supply and demand enterprises to sign medium and long-term contracts. It is of great significance to build a modern coal market system, boost industry confidence, and promote the steady and orderly development of the industry. (this article is from Hegang)

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