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In the new era of retail, how to efficiently maintain the intelligent unmanned terminal of this enterprise

since Ma Yun formally proposed the concept of new retail last year, various new retail businesses have sprung up, from unmanned supermarkets and shelves to various unmanned juice machines, coffee machines or when the valve tip and hole are not tightly closed, which has brought great convenience to people's lives and become a new outlet for capital to pursue

Beijing lipushi coffee is such a young start-up retail enterprise. Yin, the founder of the company, is always a veteran who has worked in the field of coffee for many years, and knows well the coffee habits of Chinese people. Lipushi coffee has developed its own advanced intelligent coffee machine, which can provide users with self-service, allowing users to enjoy delicious coffee anytime and anywhere in various office buildings, airports, hotels and other places. At present, they have successfully put a large number of intelligent coffee machines in Jingdong building, Didi, meituan, Vanke and other property buildings. The mellow and delicious coffee has been highly praised by customers and users

lipushi intelligent coffee machine is a typical new retail terminal, which is deeply customized based on Android operating system and large screen touch. However, after such an intelligent terminal is deployed all over the country, there is an immediate problem of maintenance. For example, when the coffee machine works abnormally, or when OTA fails, it needs to manually upgrade the system, clean the system, restart, etc., at this time, the local property management personnel are generally powerless and can only rely on the manufacturer to send engineers to the site for maintenance. For general enterprises, especially start-ups in the new retail field, this will be a huge cost and a heavy operational burden! How to solve it

now, Beijing lipushi coffee and Beijing lingtongke recently launched a remote maintenance system for exterior wall insulation materials! In other words, the remote maintenance software "smart help" of Beijing Lingtong technology is preinstalled in the intelligent coffee machine of lipushi. In this way, when they find that any equipment in the country is abnormal or needs maintenance, as long as the equipment can be up, for example, when there is no one at night, engineers can connect to the terminal with one key from their computer to realize remote maintenance of the terminal. The first is to remotely operate the terminal desktop, just like standing in front of the terminal. At the same time, you can execute various Android ADB debugging commands on the computer, including various linux commands, and you can also perform real-time log capture to find problems. Basically, the function of debugging is the same as that of connecting the device to the engineer's computer with a USB cable on site

preferably, if the engineer needs to update some drivers or configuration files for the terminal device, he can also directly push the files to the terminal through the two-way file mutual transmission function of "smart help". As president Wang, the R & D director of lipushi coffee, said "The smart help product of Linktone technology provides a new remote maintenance mode of intelligent terminal, which can achieve the effect close to the engineer's on-site maintenance, and most of the problems of the system and software can be solved directly. For some hardware problems, the damage can also be seen through the hardware detection software of our terminal after remote execution, which will greatly improve our maintenance efficiency, and also greatly speed up our maintenance The fault response speed of will save us hundreds of thousands of labor and travel costs every year after it is launched online "

at present, the new retail industry is in the ascendant. At the same time, all kinds of intelligent terminals, such as robots, catering/logistics terminals, are facing the same problems as the new retail terminals, and the maintenance and customer service after successfully acquiring Merck's consumer center department. The "smart help" remote maintenance scheme of Beijing Lingtong technology will escort the businesses of these manufacturers, greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs, and improve the user experience at the same time

of course, "smart help" is not only for the remote maintenance of intelligent terminals, but also a powerful remote customer service tool for device users who have questions about their use (such as intelligent POS machines and robots) and need customer service. At this time, in addition to the above functions, the free VoIP call, IM chat and other functions of "smart help" can also be used to allow engineers to remotely guide users while talking and communicating

Beijing Lingtong Technology Co., Ltd. is a new mobile Internet company focusing on various SaaS solutions for mobile terminals and intelligent terminal remote desktops. Its CCH in order to promote the green development of the automotive industry, elper mobile terminal remote desktop platform is an industry-leading mobile remote system that supports full terminal and full-mode remote services. It has obtained a number of patents, which is the first in China and the leading in the industry. Smart help is only one of its series of products, including rainbow SDK products (smart home and remote customer service system of complex apps), mutual help (remote mutual assistance system between intelligent end users), and A2A SDK (real-time screen sharing and interaction system between app users), etc

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