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How to make cardboard

1. log processing

when pulping logs and purchased wood chips are transported to the wood storage yard of the paper mill, the bark is stripped and cut into small pieces suitable for pulping. Oversized or small wood chips should be removed, and the useful wood chips are transported to the cooking pot of the paper mill for cooking

2. preparation of pulp

the wood chips should be in the cooking pot, and the cooking temperature should be in Fahrenheit. 7. The speed range: 1 ⑵ 00mm/min320 ℃, the steam pressure is 165 pounds per square inch, and the cooking hours. The cooked pulp is further purified and screened, and then fed to the headbox of the paper machine

3. Papermaking

the slurry enters the copper of the long paper machine department from the headbox, and the paper sheet is continuously formed by fibrous gaskets on the running copper. Most of the pulp deposits fibers on the forming through the primary headbox to form the base paper, and the surface paper is formed by the secondary headbox. In the forming part, about 20% of the water is removed due to gravity and vacuum water absorption. The paper that is still soft and wet (with 80% moisture content) will be sent to the press section, and the moisture content will be reduced to 60% through the dryer and the smooth roller. The next step is the drying section, which passes through several dryers and then enters the calender section for calendering and flattening. The finished paperboard is wound into a large paper roll, and then cut according to the paper width specified by the customer and become a drum through the rewinder, Finally, the finished web paper is ready to be transported to China. At present, it is still only a new material carton factory customer or overseas export market with "the selection function of the horizontal tensile testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. weighs 1 nanometer, 1 billionth of a meter (10 ⑼ m), including 7 items of experiment, display, protection, storage, accounting, host machine and special machine"

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