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How to embrace big data in the era of "Internet +"

with the vigorous development of the Internet industry, more and more traditional industries are being changed by Internet technology. At present, software defines the world, data drives the world, and automation takes over the world has become an industry consensus. Especially with the application of big data, cloud computing, and IOT technology, the era of Internet + has come. Embracing Internet means embracing hope and the future

from the early mouse and cement to the current Internet +, the industrial field has never been far away from every stage of the information technology revolution. Nevertheless, the industrial sector is still anxious about the digital transformation under the information wave, and is still at a loss about many new concepts such as big data, industry 4.0, industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing. Not long ago, Yang Xueshan, director of the expert committee of China industrial big data innovation and development alliance and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that the main body of industrial big data is industry, not big data, and big data should serve industry

recently, under the guidance of the software service department of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Qingdao municipal government, the 2015 Internet + boost industrial transformation and upgrading Development Summit Forum was held in Qingdao. The forum focused on Internet +, and discussed how modern enterprises can adapt to industrial development and change, and how to use the new generation of information technology to expand development space. The mutual inspiration and exchange of these experiences are of great and far-reaching significance for enterprises to clarify their future development goals, identify methods, promote the implementation of industrial transformation and upgrading, and realize the manufacturing power strategy

from the early mouse and cement to the current Internet +, the industrial field has never been far away from every stage of the information technology revolution. Nevertheless, the industrial sector is still anxious about the digital transformation under the information wave

in this regard, Yang Xueshan, director of the expert committee of China industrial big data innovation and development alliance and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, explained that the confusion gradually came into the eye of fascination, because he was at a loss in the face of many new concepts such as industrial big data, industry 4.0, industrial interconnection, intelligent manufacturing, network manufacturing and so on

the main body of industrial big data is industry, not big data. Big data should serve industry. From a more macro perspective, Yang Xueshan pointed out that with the development of technology today, advanced technological forces have been enough to promote the transformation of industrial development. The industrial revolution, which has lasted for more than 300 years, is about to change its track, and moving towards a new track is an immutable process

at the moment, what industry needs to do is not to make a desperate and breathtaking leap, but to move from yesterday to tomorrow. The more stable this fork is moved, the better

a gene of big data

what is industrial big data? The answer given by Wikipedia is that it is a huge and complex data set that is difficult to process through existing IT technologies and tools. This vague concept also leads to a hundred people who seem to have a hundred answers

according to Li Jun, President of Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd., big data may be an old account of the enterprise. Li Jun shared a case that made him feel deeply

an American manufacturer of high-end motorcycles has limited sales because its products are luxury goods. However, after analyzing the sales data and decades of customer information deposited by enterprises, they have an important discovery, that is, the impulse of high-end motorcycle customers to buy Motorcycles ends in about 24 hours

therefore, this enterprise has reformed its production mode around this discovery. They want to make consumers turn impulse into purchase reality within 24 hours, and no longer lose any potential customers

enterprises first allow customers to customize a motorcycle on the, and set their preferences with mouse clicks, including color, engine model, and so on. Then, within 6 hours of the completion of the payment, the production of motorcycles will be completed through a flexible manufacturing plant. After that, the motorcycles will be delivered through a 12 hour intelligent logistics system. Finally, the motorcycles will be delivered to the door of users' homes within 24 hours, and it is worldwide

this seems to be the new high-end manufacturing and advanced manufacturing under the new industry 4.0 in the future, Li Jun said. The value of industrial big data is emerging, and more and more enterprises smell the huge business opportunities. It is understood that dawning is currently studying the feasibility of giving customers EB level storage, but the premise is that the above data can be used

as one of the few domestic enterprises with massive Internet data, Baidu has also been trying to cooperate with industrial and energy enterprises by using big data analysis services

Shen Zhiyong, a scientist in the big data laboratory of Baidu Research Institute, took fans as an example. Usually, fans are installed far away. If the fan breaks down, the maintenance personnel have to rush there in a day. If the equipment is repaired after it breaks down, some physical coefficients may be irretrievable, so fault warning is very important in these cases

can the maintenance personnel predict the occurrence of the fault and rush there one day in advance? Shen Zhiyong pointed out that in fact, a model can be made according to the previous historical situation to judge the time of fan failure. If this fault occurs more times in history, the model prediction will be more accurate

this is just an attempt to use big data in the industrial field. In addition, similar examples of equipment anomaly detection can also be captured through the changes of big data, and it will be easier and more active in the early warning of faults. When planning, we can reasonably select and adjust these two parameters to reduce the eccentric load. He said that if used properly, future stampedes like those on the Bund in Shanghai at the beginning of this year could be technically warned and avoided

b fusion of big data

industrial big data has existed and developed in the long history since the development of the industrial revolution. Yang Xueshan said, just saying that we have Internet and sensors today, which has increased its impact on the development of the whole industry and enterprises. Yang Xueshan believes that it is wrong to take industrial big data as a panacea that can transform enterprises and industries. This is like painting cakes to appease hunger. I can frankly say that it is good to draw a hundred such cakes, one of which can fall down

in Yang Xueshan's view, under the constraints of the further rise of the overall technology cost and various social reasons, it is big data that drives the manufacturing industry to become intelligent step by step around the core competitiveness, cutting-edge labor productivity, quality, brand and other key issues

Yang Xueshan said: how to turn industrial big data into the innovation ability of enterprises is the most important link, and it is also the most difficult link for all enterprises to use data today. But once you turn this data into innovation ability, I believe that enterprises have reached a high level in industrial big data, industry 4.0, and intelligent manufacturing

China is a large manufacturing country, but in general, after years of development, the level of informatization and modernization is still low, regional development is uneven, and it is still in the middle and low end of the global industrial chain with weak innovation ability. China's manufacturing industry urgently needs to get rid of the shackles of low-end, and develop in the direction of high-end intelligence driven by innovation and quality with core technology. Then, using industrial big data to promote the deep integration of traditional industry and information technology is the most urgent task for Chinese industry

Xu Xiaolan, Secretary General of China Electronics Society and chairman and Secretary General of China CIO alliance, pointed out that every country tries to achieve deep integration between Internet and traditional industry. Nowadays, manufacturing industry has become the commanding height of global competition. The United States has put forward the concept of industrial interconnection, Germany has put forward industry 4.0, and the corresponding enterprises are also laying out the commanding height of manufacturing industry

the development of made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China has become the fundamental requirement to adapt to and lead the new economic normal, in which the difficulty of manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing is the same. Fortunately, the strategic design of made in China 2025 and Internet + points out the direction for the development of manufacturing industry

Xu Xiaolan said that moving forward from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power should be driven by innovation, green manufacturing, strong foundation engineering and intelligent transformation. Big data drives industry 4.0 with Chinese characteristics. The advent of the era of intelligent industry also promotes the application of industrial big data, which has become the key to improving the manufacturing industry

the main features of Intelligent Manufacturing in the future are intelligent interconnection, man-machine interconnection and machine interconnection. At present, human society has entered the BT era from the IT era. In the future, it will enter the RT era, that is, the era of robots. There must be a context for the interconnection between people and machines, machines and machines, which is to establish standards and norms for big data or interconnection

she pointed out that the arrival of the era of intelligent manufacturing also means the arrival of the era of industrial big data. The application of industrial big data will become a key element to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovation ability of the manufacturing industry in the future, and it is also a major topic that the global industrial transformation must face at present

Xu Xiaolan said: to build industry 4.0 with Chinese characteristics, we need to solve the excessive dependence of enterprises on intensive labor, reduce the total cost from production to sales terminals, promote enterprise transformation with the help of new technologies such as big data, improve the data visualization and transparency of the whole production and manufacturing process, realize the quality management of the whole production and manufacturing process, and help enterprises better meet the needs of consumers, that is, personalized and customized products in the future, It will become the mainstream of manufacturing in the future and is an important factor to seize the opportunity in the new round of global industrial competition

c big data standard

from the original ordinary machine tools to the current CNC machine tools, they are intelligent product upgrades. In the production process, design, service and management have their own intellectualization. There are processing data, parts configuration relationship, change records, test data, production equipment and quality control data in the production process. Therefore, big data is involved in every production ring, and big data provides the support behind it to make it intelligent

Gao Lin, vice president of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, believes that the emergence of big data should be said to mark a new stage of informatization. Product intellectualization contains the data of product design, modeling and product structure, which are the data in the operation process. Some new models contain customized, demand and marketing data. Management intelligence includes business management, e-commerce and market data. There are also service, identification, product operation and other related data. Big data is used in these processes

industrial big data is an important driving force for the new round of industrial revolution, whether it is German industry 4. " 0. Industrial interconnection in the United States and the overall intelligent manufacturing scheme led by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China. Basically, they all revolve around intelligent manufacturing

Gao Lin pointed out that from limited numbers to limited data, from limited data to effective data, from effective data to big data, and finally realize the development of big data. Industrial big data is to serve manufacturing. We cannot talk about industrial big data without this background, otherwise we will lose our way

big data is the integration of a large number of cumbersome and complicated data. How to promote its impact on

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