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How high is the pain index of manufacturing bosses

in Guangdong, boss used to be a kind of honorific title, but now, some bosses are very reluctant to be called like this. Not long ago, the boss of a lighting enterprise listed on the new third board had tea with the author and told a joke. Several friends went to a restaurant in Shenzhen for dinner. As usual, the waiter asked: how many bosses, who ordered? One of them suddenly became angry: you are the boss, and your family is the boss! This seemingly unwarranted anger hit too many small and medium-sized bosses at once. It's hard to be a boss now, especially in the manufacturing industry. Sometimes I really feel hopeless, in a dilemma, anxious day by day, and confused about my future. When you open your eyes every day, there are all kinds of costs. Facing the same salary and tax every month, there are rigid constraints. Where the expenditure slows down, it will kill you immediately. As for income, it is normal to be short of money and unable to make ends meet. What you often get is a pile of accounts receivable

so, who dares to be a boss if it's not a great God, or who is willing to be a boss if it's not a fool

smart people smart money has long begun to withdraw from manufacturing on a large scale. Three years ago, in a small-scale gathering of Fudan Guangdong alumni, there were 22 alumni, of whom 20 were engaged in the pan financial industry, including banking, insurance, brokerage, public and private funds, PE, P2P, and microfinance. Only two were related to industry. I did information and intelligence services for the manufacturing industry chain, which was actually one of the two. Such a gathering, on the one hand, makes me feel sad for the situation of the manufacturing industry, on the other hand, I am deeply worried about the disenchantment of the entire economic environment. (since this year, P2P platforms have exploded frequently, and the chaos of microfinance companies are all evil flowers that inevitably result from the disenchantment of the economy.)

add the background. The author was a provincial media cadre in Guangdong Province. Before the avalanche of traditional paper media, he left the system and started his own business, mainly as a multimedia platform for the lighting industry chain. Therefore, he shared the same fate with this industry for many years. The lighting industry is the most representative industry made in China. More than 20000 manufacturing enterprises in the industrial chain are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and southern Fujian Delta. They are basically private enterprises, with a large number of enterprises and few large-scale enterprises. The annual sales of the largest enterprises only reached about 10billion in 2017. However, more than 95% of the lighting fixtures in the world are made in China, because China has the most perfect industrial chain. In Frankfurt, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Dubai, Bangkok, Milan, Sao Paulo and Nairobi, where there are lighting exhibitions, you can basically see Wu Yang's Chinese people. Sometimes friends rarely seen at home can be easily met abroad

due to the long-term relationship with manufacturing enterprises in the lighting industry chain, the bosses' daily life and working conditions, their pain and joy are basically the same

why are bosses so miserable

China's manufacturing industry basically started with OEM, which is at the bottom of the smile curve. It is the dirtiest and most tiring, but the profit is very thin. In the early years, when the price of factors was low, there was still profit margin. However, in recent years, the price of raw materials is rising, the thickness of 6mm Round film composition, labor costs are rising, office costs are rising, only product prices can not rise. Enterprises specializing in export OEM report that foreigners pinch your profits to the last two digits after the decimal point; For domestic sales, e-commerce platforms such as Yibao and Duoduo penetrate the price, while offline fake and unscrupulous small workshop enterprises are rampant, and it is fundamentally unprofitable to be an enterprise

the pain of bosses does not just come from the market. The company's profits are already as thin as cicadas' wings, but it still has to deal with all aspects of power departments frequently. No one can afford to offend, and anyone who fails to take care of them may be killed. In fact, most manufacturing bosses are not good at dealing with people from all directions in seven institutes and eight stations. They are not public relations men and women, and they don't have so much time for entertainment, so their inner pain is increased

the boss of the manufacturing industry is almost a superman. He has to manage products, sales, finance, human resources, and understand the law. Where is the fatal problem? The enterprise will end in minutes. No one shares your troubles (most of your family don't understand it, because they don't have time to accompany them), but the people who try to fool you and want to cheat you are like a fish in the river. Bosses also invite some executives, but executives take high salaries, take weekends and holidays off, occasionally play golf, pat their hips and leave when they are unhappy. Where does the boss go and how to go? Ordinary employees are not easy to mess with. They can do whatever they want, and resign willfully if they want. The so-called world is so big that I want to have a look. The constraints between the boss and employees are completely asymmetric. Employees' rights and interests are as great as heaven. They are prone to sue the boss in the labor department and the court, one by one. There are even rogue executives and rogue employees in the society. Many bosses frankly say that they are really vulnerable groups when communicating. They are angry everywhere, no one loves them, and they suffer

a boss I know, with a scale of several hundred million and more than 1000 employees, flies around at home and abroad as an adult. (Note: flying around is not for tourism, but for business.) People who often fly know, just one word, tired. The boss has lived in the factory for more than ten years. He has an old mother to be filial and a wife and children to take care of, but he has no time and can't stop. Some experts always say that bosses don't understand life and management. I used to think the same when I was engaged in mass media. I thought that buying a few books in the airport waiting room could tell the story of enterprise affairs. In recent years, I came close to these bosses to know how naive the previous idea was. Can the practices of the world's top 500 enterprises be applied to small and medium-sized enterprises? This is typical of standing and talking without backache. Will you try to build a manufacturing enterprise with 1000 people? Those experts and scholars who talk loudly on TV and in various forums may want to die if they only need to be the boss of such enterprises for half a year

some people say that the bosses are not very chic? Drinking Lafite, singing songs, and making money with girls. It is possible that a very few real estate bosses and their second generation live such a life. It is possible that a few corrupt state-owned enterprise leaders have many lovers and villas, but in the general manufacturing industry dominated by private capital, it is really misleading to say that the social public opinion of bosses is full of happiness all day. In fact, most manufacturing bosses live a simple life, with ordinary clothes, bags and cars, and some even look like ascetics. Keep a low profile, be patient and persistent, and never sleep. To some extent, many bosses in China's manufacturing industry are practicing

many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises have so-called internal and external accounts, because if there is only one account and they pay taxes according to regulations, they do not know how many times they have died. The author's company has assisted the listed lighting enterprises to find the target of mergers and acquisitions. The scale and industry status of the merged enterprises are OK. Finally, when it comes to the financial situation, it can't go on. Because their billing income is far from the valuation required during the negotiation. Special metal materials have the characteristics of fixed users, small consumption and high technical content. I firmly oppose the problem of setting up two accounts for some enterprises. But looking at these bosses' spring planting, summer cultivation, autumn harvest and winter storage, after a year of hard work, there are few copper plates left in their pockets, and they can only silently express their understanding

or: so bitter, so difficult, why don't they choose to leave

they don't want to, but they can't

anyone who has opened a company knows that due to the implementation of commercial reform in recent years, it may only take one day to register an enterprise, but it is not necessary to cancel an enterprise for one year. This is not the main thing. Manufacturing enterprises often need to establish a huge ecosystem in a circle, including supplier system, channel business system and industry network system. Many people are involved in all aspects. The cost of running out of bankruptcy and writing off enterprises is actually very high. Once such a thing happens, you can't stay in this industry and this circle anymore, which means that this person's career life is over. Because for manufacturing bosses, leaving a familiar industry to make a comeback in another unfamiliar industry is almost a very low probability event

so for many bosses, even if the company's profits are thin, or even losses, they must endure the years and spend them day by day! Another boss I know, there were more than 2000 workers in the most brilliant time of the enterprise, and now less than 100 people have shrunk year by year. I got an order at the Canton Fair. The list of hundreds of thousands of Yuan involved dozens of product categories. It's neither doing nor not doing. Fortunately, the enterprise has been operating for more than 20 years, and there are some old-fashioned people. Now they have not closed the factory, just to maintain a sense of existence, half dead, better than nothing. Another brother was not as good as him. Enterprise b2.01 was short of funds and borrowed money from small loan companies. As a result, the principal and interest rolled more and more. Finally, it was unsustainable and the enterprise stopped production. He owes money to suppliers, money to small loan companies, rent and wages to employees, but he doesn't run away. He goes to work in the company every day. You can beat him or scold him. He must be responsible to the end, claiming that he can pay back slowly if he has money

the second generation of manufacturing bosses are either unwilling to take over, or it is not smooth. For the second generation born with a golden spoon, on the one hand, they happen to encounter the current plight of the manufacturing industry. Their parents' hardship is in their eyes, and their happiness index is too low to suffer with them. On the other hand, the society is full of impatience and hedonism of making fast money, which will inevitably affect their ideology. The stars spent a few days on the set and got tens of millions of dollars. Standing on the stage for real estate developers is two or three million dollars. Celebrities can live a drunken life by pretending to be peripheral women. As for the manufacturing industry, there are a lot of fixed assets in plants, equipment and vehicles, a lot of contacts at the channel end of the supply chain, and every link of product research and development, product sales and after-sales service should break your heart. You can't earn much money after a year's hard work. Why bother

I read an article a few days ago that an enterprise has a revenue of 2million a year and a profit of only more than 20000 yuan. I want to say that it's good to have profits. Many manufacturing enterprises earn tens of millions a year, and there are many without profits or even losses

or: the profit is as thin as paper, because the enterprise is not competitive, why not transform and upgrade

lack of money. Originally, the profit was not high, and it was difficult to accumulate all kinds of taxes and fees after one year; Looking for banks, small and medium-sized enterprises financing is difficult and expensive. How many years have they shouted, and has the problem been solved? Don't you count?! As for small loan companies, there are indeed manufacturing bosses who have no choice but to borrow money from the private sector at high interest rates. As everyone knows, they die as soon as they touch it. In fact, even if we barely scraped together the money to develop, design and innovate, within a few days of the launch of new products, fake and counterfeit products came overwhelming. As a result, enterprises have to fight against counterfeits, and as a result, most of them are tired and have little effect

neither left nor right. Sitting in the city of sorrow, there is nothing to do

in Guangzhou, once known as the first county in China

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