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On May 21, the fuel cell plate strengthened in the afternoon. Sinosteel Tianyuan, jintongling, Shenzhen fultest all digital neuron self-adaptive closed-loop measurement and control system fully met the physical property test and discussion of new data. Cold shares, Houpu shares and other stocks closed the limit. Keheng shares, Dongpu optoelectronics, Hongda Xingye, and keliyuan all rose by more than 6%, Antai technology, Zhongdian Xingfa Snowman shares and other stocks rose one after another

on May 19, the "2019 National Science and technology week and Beijing Science and Technology Week", jointly hosted by the Ministry of science and technology, the Central Propaganda Department, the China Association for science and technology and the Beijing municipal government, opened at the Chinese people's Revolutionary Military Museum. The national new energy vehicle technology innovation center participated with two technological innovations, "hydrogen fuel cell vehicle power platform" and "high-performance new two gear electric drive assembly". With the support of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, the national innovation center, led by BAIC new energy, yihuatong, Tsinghua University and other units, has jointly integrated the electric hybrid fuel cell power system, realized the carrying of passenger cars, and completed the development of fuel cell cars, with the technology reaching the domestic leading level

it is reported that the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle power platform integrates upstream and downstream resources of the fuel cell vehicle and key components industry chain through fuel cell power system integration and vehicle development, focuses on overcoming a number of key technologies, and accelerates the coordinated development of the overall fuel cell industry chain in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. The platform adopts the design of electric hybrid power system, realizes the overall integration of the front cabin of the fuel cell system, breaks through the power system design of high power density, and reaches the international advanced technology level

in addition, China's huge commercial vehicle market supports demand. In 2018, the sales of fuel cell commercial vehicles was about 1600, and this year is expected to achieve 150% growth. The sales target in 2020 was more than 10000, and the industry began to move from the gestation period to the high-speed growth period. However, the United States and Japan have continued to invest in this industry for more than half a century, and the foundation of technology and engineering is relatively solid. China still needs to strengthen research and development in key links, and there is a strong demand for localization

a-share companies, more and more companies have accelerated the layout, and the hydrogen fuel cell sector continues to expand

Hongda Xingye recently announced that the first hydrogenation station built by its subsidiary Wuhai chemical in Wuhai Hainan Haihua Industrial Park was put into use a few days ago. Previously, it signed the "strategic cooperation agreement on hydrogen energy projects" with Wuhai municipal government to carry out hydrogen energy technology and application research in Wuhai and build a hydrogen energy city. The company will also use the existing points of Sinopec Inner Mongolia branch to add hydrogen and the construction of hydrogen refueling stations

Changying precision announced that the company plans to invest and establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen Changying Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, with a registered capital of 100million yuan, and its business scope includes the R & D, production and sales of metal plates for hydrogen fuel cells. Listed companies such as Zhongtai Co., Ltd. and Kaier Xincai also said that they would set up a company to layout the hydrogen energy bank. 4 Thirdly, the power source (electromechanical) of the tension machine is also called the motor industry

Kaier new material announced that the company plans to increase the capital of Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd. with its own capital of 30million yuan. After the capital increase is completed, the company will account for 10% of the registered capital of Shunhua new energy. According to the disclosure, Shunhua new energy was founded in August, 2004, mastering the core technology of high-pressure hydrogen supply and hydrogenation, and has the overall solution supply ability to carry out system design and integration around core products and provide technical services. Its business areas include hydrogen energy, nuclear energy and distributed energy

Chuancai Securities believes that fuel cells have much higher energy efficiency than generators/engines. With the breakthrough of key technical links and the release of scale effects, back-end applications are expected to gradually deepen. Japan's thermoelectric linkage has proved its huge application potential in the field of household energy storage, raising the energy utilization rate to an incredible 80% or more, and the energy storage system is expected to enter thousands of households in the future; The price of Toyota Mirai models has fallen to the range of 300000-400000. According to the speed of cost reduction in the past, the era of competition with fuel vehicles will soon come

Guohai Securities pointed out that fuel cell vehicles have the advantages of long endurance and short hydrogen charging time, and will become an industrial direction complementary to lithium battery vehicles. Based on the industrial policy support, industrial layout and national and local promotion, the hydrogen fuel cell automobile industry has ushered in a period of rapid development, and the hydrogen fuel cell industry is given a "recommended" rating. At present, domestic hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are in the industrial introduction period, and the policy catalytic sector has entered a sustained theme investment market. As the industrial chain is laid out in depth, investment opportunities are further strengthened. It is suggested to lay out leading enterprises with first mover advantages (0 → 1) and focus on xiongtao shares, Weichai Power, Meijin energy, snowman shares and quanchai power

Zheshang Securities believes that at present, the gap between domestic and foreign core components is still significant, and many core equipment rely on imports. However, at present, many domestic enterprises are in the research and development stage, and a few enterprises have put equipment into operation. In the future, with the gradual localization of high-value link equipment, the popularization of fuel cells will be promising

seismic performance increased by 60%

Guojin Securities said that the fuel cell industry is still in the introduction period, and it is a long stage from the industry to maturity. At present, more and more listed companies of other plastics have joined the fuel cell industry. At the current stage, it is recommended to pay attention to: Meijin energy (participating in Guangzhou Hongji, the star company of membrane electrode, Guohong hydrogen energy, the leader of electric reactor to be invested, Foshan Feichi, the holding fuel cell vehicle manufacturing enterprise, the construction and operation of by-product hydrogen and hydrogenation station), Jiahua energy (by-product hydrogen, hydrogenation station, the cooperation of state investment and cohesion), Snowman (the main supplier of air compressor, participating in hygs) Dayang electric (layout of fuel cell system, operation, participation in bldp) and xiongtao shares (layout of membrane electrode, stack, system enterprise)

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