China should establish a trade barrier response me

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China should establish a trade barrier response mechanism as soon as possible

after joining the WTO, China's export trade has continued to develop rapidly. At present, China has become the third largest trading country in the world after the United States and Germany. However, as the competitiveness of China's products continues to rise, some countries use the restrictions of various market access mechanisms, such as anti-dumping, trade protection, intellectual property protection, to curb the export of Chinese products. Trade barriers in developed countries seriously restrict the development of export trade and foreign investment of Chinese enterprises

there are a large number of small and medium-sized private enterprises in China. They are unfamiliar with the international market, have poor information, and lack talents with international operation experience. When encountering trade barriers in 2012, they often face the double squeeze of rising capital rigidity and falling metal prices, and they need the support and help of government departments very much

To this end, Hu Chengzhong suggested: first, establish an early warning and rapid response mechanism for trade barriers. Relevant government departments and Chinese agencies stationed abroad should strengthen the collection of economic information, especially for key export countries and regions, and improve their sensitivity. Once there is an anti-dumping or trade barrier trend against China's export products abroad, an early warning should be issued to relevant enterprises as soon as possible. Second, establish a standard system in line with international standards. Track the trend of global standardization, formulate and adjust national standards in time, and connect national standards with international standards. Third, guide enterprises to strengthen technological innovation. Fourth, provide overseas investment information for enterprises. We will increase support in terms of funds and policies, encourage and support enterprises to conduct transnational operations through equity participation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and cooperation, and avoid trade barriers in developed countries. Fifthly, we should support and encourage Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to participate in anti-dumping litigation with a professional experimental machine team. Relevant departments should actively guide and encourage enterprises to participate in responding to lawsuits, coordinate the forces of all parties, do a good job in information services and business guidance, and give appropriate subsidies to export enterprises for responding to lawsuits

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