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P & G released the 2018 corporate citizenship report recently, P & G released the 2018 corporate citizenship report, which focuses on the recent activities to help the company become a force for good and upward

P & G has made progress in all areas of corporate citizenship work it focuses on. Highlights in the report include:

community impact: this year, P & G successfully achieved a new milestone of delivering 14billion liters of clean drinking water for children's safe drinking water program. The company's brands have played an important role in helping people affected by natural disasters, such as hurricanes Harvey, Erma, Maria and Florence. The "loads of hope" project cleaned more than 3800 batches of clothes for people free of charge, helping the affected people return to normal life

diversity and inclusiveness: P & G has stimulated important dialogue on equality through two award-winning short films, including the short advertising film "the talk" with the theme of racial prejudice, and the short film "the words matter", which calls for inclusiveness around gay, bisexual and transgender groups. The company's brands have also launched a number of advertising campaigns, telling a variety of positive stories about families and individuals. Within the company, as part of the flex @ work system, the company has introduced additional benefits and implemented a parental leave policy for employees that is more in line with the modern lifestyle

gender equality: as a leader who voiced his call for attention to gender equality issues, P & G held a new and thought-provoking activity with the theme of "women at work: myth vs. reality", challenging the outdated view of women in the workplace. P & G also worked with Sesame Workshop and Muppets to help children around the world establish a correct concept of gender equality, and launched a series of brand-new advertising campaigns to advocate that everyone has equal voice and equal representation

environmental sustainability: in April this year, P & G announced its 2030 sustainable development goal "mission 2030". P & G has achieved many 2020 sustainable development goals in the fields of climate, water and waste. The "mission 2030" framework will focus on maximizing the positive impact of the company through brand, supply chain, community and employees. The company has re established the goal of plastic waste, and its brands are stepping up efforts to improve the recyclability of packaging and use more renewable materials

in Greater China, P & G actively undertakes and practices as a corporate citizen, and actively shares its mature corporate social philosophy and practice

community impact: in Chinese Mainland, P & G has supported the "Hope Project" for 22 years and donated 200 hope primary schools, making it the multinational company that donated the most hope primary schools. In 2018, P & G signed a three-year public welfare cooperation agreement with the National Grand Theater, creatively exploring the idea of art helping public welfare, from simple material help to paying attention to spiritual and cultural needs, listening to children's voices, encouraging rural children to speak for themselves and actively participate in community development. At the same time, P & G provided 14.5 million PD students with sintering load with health education in hand washing, tooth brushing and adolescence through a 21-year national school health education program. In Taiwan, P & G has helped women prevent cervical and breast cancer for 24 consecutive years through "six minutes to protect their lives", allowing more than 80% of patients to receive more treatment due to early detection. Shufujia global hand washing day provided health training for 105201 children in 12 provinces; Crest smile fund Love Teeth action has made more than 3300 children smile more brightly. Pampers donated 400000 premature diapers to 1000 premature infants, so that each premature infant can return to his mother's arms as soon as possible

diversification and inclusiveness: hushubao sends the first sanitary napkin and 10000 tons of carbon graphite cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries to 6million girls every year through the "I am a girl" project, with a total investment of 349 million yuan; In Hong Kong, P & G launched the "early BB snap", which provides free diapers for premature infants. At the same time, professional social workers are invited to listen to the wishes of premature mothers

gender equality: Olay collected more than 100000 women's fearless age stories, encouraging women's age to be not a number, but a story; Through the White Swan program, the Olay bath series uses dance to realize the dreams of left behind children, so that every girl has the power to become a white swan; SK-II starts bareskinproject. The contraction experiment is an experimental method often used to study material properties ; During the 2018 father's day, Piao Rou released a # be a smart girl # video, encouraging girls not to change their dreams and change the way to achieve them, maybe they can arrive smart

environmental sustainability development: P & G's nine factories in China have accelerated their contributions to the company's 2020 and 2030 sustainable development goals in terms of climate, water, waste and energy. All Chinese factories have achieved the goal of zero landfill of industrial waste in advance. P & G China Pioneer program is committed to cultivating future leaders for China's environmental protection cause. In the three years up to 2018, it has provided small project funds and personal ability training support to more than 4000 members of the Chinese University environmental protection society

P & G has issued the sustainable development report every year since 1999, and in 2016, it began to expand to a more comprehensive summary of the key contents of corporate citizenship work

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