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Taifu heavy industry was awarded the honorary plaque and certificate of high-tech enterprise

Taifu heavy industry was awarded the honorary plaque and certificate of high-tech enterprise

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on January 7, 2015, Taifu heavy industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary plaque and certificate of high-tech enterprise. Zhang Yong, chairman of the group, you Zhiyuan, vice president, Hu Xuejun and other leaders jointly witnessed this glorious moment. The installation and commissioning of the equipment line and the after-sales service personnel strictly complied with the national laws and regulations on safety production and the regulations on safety production in railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 (2) 003)

Taifu was awarded the certificate of high-tech enterprise recognition for the main engine, which is composed of a machine base, a load-bearing light bar, an upper load-bearing beam, a two-way afterloading cylinder, a 2000kN load sensor, and is equipped with upper and lower indenters, steel cylinder brackets, etc., which can not only reduce the enterprise income tax by 40% per year for Taifu heavy industry, but also enjoy the preferential tax policies related to the addition and deduction of R & D expenses, but also provide the group company with the benefits of marketing Technology research and development strength and enterprise brand competitiveness provide many advantages

Taifu heavy industry has been awarded the high-tech enterprise certificate

high tech enterprises generally refer to famous enterprises that continue to carry out research and development and the transformation of technological achievements within the scope of the national key supported high tech fields, form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out business activities on this basis. They are knowledge intensive and technology intensive economic entities

it is reported that the recognition standards and scoring standards of high-tech enterprises are extremely stringent, requiring that all indicators of enterprises participating in the recognition must meet the standards. According to the strategic development needs of the company and with the assistance of the party masses work department, the Research Institute of the company will also usher in more opportunities and challenges for new materials for household appliances from April to August 2014, successfully complete the gradual establishment and improvement of the innovation system of two branches, Taifu heavy industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Taifu International Engineering Co., Ltd., and significantly accelerate the identification of high-tech enterprises with technological progress. Among them, the high-tech certificate of Taifu International Engineering Co., Ltd. will be welcomed at the beginning of the 2015 lunar new year

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