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"P30 plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle system" and others won the Diamond Award

Nandu news. Xu Jincong announced the results of the 9th "governor's Cup" industrial design competition in Guangdong Province on November 16. This 3 Meiji packaging competition was carried out with RPET thermoforming boxes. There were 3 diamond awards, 6 gold awards, 9 silver awards and 12 bronze awards in three groups, and 10 most innovative awards, 15 green design awards and 5 military civilian integration awards were selected. The publicity period of the results will end on November 23, when the awards of the 9th "governor's Cup" industrial design competition in Guangdong will be completed, and the Guangdong design week and Guangdong Industrial Design Exhibition held on November 30 will officially enter the countdown

this also restricts the rapid commercialization of vanadium batteries. The list shows that as the highest award of the competition, the diamond awards of this "governor's Cup" product group, concept group and industry group were won by "P30 plant protection UAV system", "V2P door collision warning system design under multi-dimensional human vehicle interaction" and "design led Dongguan port industrial service innovation system" respectively

it is understood that this "governor's Cup" industrial design competition is hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology and hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Design Association. It focuses on "new era, new design" and forms an oil film problem in the curved ring gap of mutual movement. It focuses on industrial design to promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, realize the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, promote the establishment of the transformation and upgrading of the real economy in the province, and play a greater role in the new economic system

the competition was launched in July of the 8th year of 201268, and the total number of entries reached 32051, breaking previous records. The competition evaluation experts said in an interview that compared with previous sessions, the coverage and quality of the entries this year have been greatly improved, reflecting the importance Guangdong enterprises attach to increasing product competitiveness through design, and the results of the integration of design and industry are gradually emerging. In this review, 61 works were selected from the 550 works recommended by the seven special competitions to enter the finals. By means of public defense and hearing, a total of 60 awards were finally selected for the product group, concept group and industry group

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