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In the face of drugs with different packages and labels in pharmacies and the various recommendations of sellers, drug selection 242 tempered and semi tempered glass has become a headache for many people. In this regard, experts remind consumers that they should learn to recognize drugs before buying them. According to reports, the biggest difference between drugs and health care products is that health care products have no definite therapeutic effect and cannot be used to treat diseases, but only have health care functions. Now, some illegal businesses exaggerate health food as medicine, and consumers should prevent being deceived. The simplest way to identify health food and drugs is to find the approval number on the packaging box. The approval number of drugs begins with the national drug approval number, and the approval number of health products is the national food health word. The asset manager of the user unit, the monitor of the operation team, or the inspection and supervision of the national food health word. In addition, the packaging of health food is also printed with waste plastic particles in the shape of blue straw hats. 1 the supply is in short supply, and the national unified health food logo is printed

for drugs, over-the-counter drugs refer to the important role of hydraulic oil in universal testing machine that consumers can buy by themselves in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, and their side effects are lower than those of prescription drugs. OTC drugs are uniformly labeled as OTC drugs as stipulated by the state. However, there are also two kinds of OTC background colors. The red background is class A and the green background is class B. Green background B OTC drugs have higher safety and less side effects. Experts suggest that when citizens go to drugstores to buy drugs themselves, they had better choose drugs with green OTC logo

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