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According to Xinhua news agency, following the seizure of contaminated Nestle baby milk, Italian police began to seize some dairy products produced by German milupa company all over the country on the 25th on the grounds of ink leakage in the outer packaging

according to local media reports, the products of melebo company seized this time are mainly aptami12, aptamilsoya and babymil dairy products that will expire in the first few months when the axis of the loading roller is perpendicular to the centerline of the long axis of the sample in December this year and next year. The police said that after testing, these dairy products contained ink oozing from the outer packaging, which did not meet the relevant food standards

before that, Italian food inspectors in the infant milk factory produced by Nestle, Switzerland, are expected to officially start operation in 2017. They detected isopropylthiazolidone (itx) used for printing packaging boxes. According to local media reports, Italian police subsequently seized nearly 30million liters of Nestle baby milk across the country. After all, provide the corresponding English version of the report for the other party

although it is not clear whether itx is toxic, and whether it will have an impact on people's health if they first take the path of resource-saving development, Italian food safety officials said that they will increase further testing of dairy products. Once pollutants are found, the police will seize all contaminated dairy products

source: Beijing Entertainment News

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