The hottest p-xylene price in East China is runnin

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The price of paraxylene in East China is running at a high level

this week, the price of paraxylene in East China continued to run at a high level under the amplification of trading volume. From July 11 to July 17, the reference price of p-xylene market was around 11400-11600 yuan/ton, basically the same as last week

market characteristics this week

1 the price trend of p-xylene is stable, and the price remains high under the support of strong buying

2 the enthusiasm of p-xylene market speculation remained unabated, resulting in active market trading

3 the price of paraxylene in Southeast Asia rebounded slightly. In July II, the closed-loop control fluctuated slightly at about $1343/ton on the 14th, up $11 per ton from last week

after the signing of this contract, it is expected that

so as to achieve a wide range of conditioning of the experimental speed from 0, 001 to 500mm/min

due to the recent strong market price trend of paraxylene, and in the case of a strong market speculation atmosphere, the price is expected to remain high next week

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