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"Package technology" produces long-term environmental protection coatings

"package technology" produces long-term environmental protection coatings

February 17, 2004

the long-term coating resin and its coatings developed by Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology have formed a series of "package technology". The resin is polymerized by a high-purity organosilicon oligomer and various monomers such as acrylic acid. In addition, it greatly improves the light and heat stability and UV resistance, and has excellent air permeability, permeability, hydrophobicity, weather resistance, etc., and has a series of products

this "package technology" corresponds to the corresponding resin, which can produce environmental friendly interior wall emulsion paint series and lotus leaf self-cleaning

exterior wall paint series, and the multi-functional wall putty series for wall base treatment constructed together with the paint. According to the understanding of China Huanhuan

oxygen resin industry (), these products produced by the "package technology"

combined with scientific methods are non-toxic and tasteless. Their excellent weather resistance, durability and pollution resistance can effectively protect and decorate the interior and exterior walls of buildings, and the use effect can reach more than 15 years

the products produced with "package technology" can be divided and can be used in 120 ℃ steam according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and various standards provided by users for experiments and data processing, which are common natural drying or heating drying and molding; The other is dry processing, medium and high-end products, which are suitable for buildings in different regions and different grades

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