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On March 19, Taifu heavy equipment group and Jiangsu Rongxin new materials Co., Ltd. once again "joined hands" in Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province, and successfully renewed the production auxiliary equipment purchase contract, with a contract amount of more than 120 million yuan. This is another close cooperation between Taifu heavy equipment and Rongxin Weiye new materials Co., Ltd. after signing a general contract of 600million yuan last June. Accumulation of experience of designers of Taifu heavy industry Owen Liang, deputy general manager, and Xie Qin, deputy general manager of Rongxin Weiye new materials Co., Ltd., signed on behalf of the legal persons of both parties

during the project tackling process, it coincided with the Spring Festival. The leaders of Taifu heavy industry and the marketing officers of the East China branch of the marketing head office worked overtime and cooperated closely to actively help customers solve the problem of procurement and selection of production auxiliary equipment, and made full use of the platform advantage of the company's equipment financing leasing to help customers customize a complete set of system solutions, and finally successfully won the project

Jiangsu Rongxin Weiye new material project has a total construction area of about 80000 square meters, and three 20000 ton and 50000 ton bulk ship berths have been built in the first phase. The project will be put into trial operation in October 2015. By then, it will realize sales of 16 billion yuan, pay profits and taxes of 2 billion yuan, and drive the employment of about 3000 workers

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