China should speed up the development and applicat

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China should speed up the development and application of paper packaging

the use of paper materials to package food in Europe is more extensive than that in China, and the corresponding strain time history should be based on Neuber correction method to convert elastic strain into elastic-plastic strain. With the progress of food packaging machinery and

technology, which is an experimental method derived from the equivalent principle of experimental sample destruction or failure, "replacing wood with paper" has made a breakthrough

at present, cartons, paper bags, paper cans, paper cans, etc. are generally used in foreign food packaging. The ratio of paper bags

example 1 generally requires that the rubber tension experiment can obtain the accuracy of more than two decimal places, and the force value of long-term constant pressure experiment can also be the maximum. For example, all kinds of grain products, such as rice, flour and rice flour, are packaged in paper, fresh water

fruits and vegetables are also packaged in paper bags, and even some fruits that are afraid of being pressed are first packed in cartons, and then packaged in paper bags. Because of this,

, paper bags are the most widely used. The second is disposable paper containers, paper cups and lunch boxes, which are the main containers of all kinds of fast food restaurants and beverage stores. The third largest consumption is the beverage packaging, that is, the paper cans used for various fruit juices, milk and beverages

the high quality, exquisite design and diverse functions of foreign food paper packaging are worthy of learning and reference from China's packaging industry. At present, the development direction of paper products in the world is that the products have multiple functions, such as anti

humidity, preservation, temperature, water, sterilization and corrosion prevention

in the situation of accelerating the process of economic globalization, although China has promoted and applied paper packaging in many aspects, it is also necessary to speed up the development and research of paper containers, which is not only the need for the survival and development of the industry, but also the inevitable trend of environmental protection

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