China should improve the comprehensive strength of

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China should improve the comprehensive strength of the refractory industry

March 2, 2016 news: China should effectively improve the comprehensive strength of the refractory industry. Liu baikuan, President of China Refractory Industry Association, delivered a work report on behalf of the Sixth Council at the seventh member congress of China Refractory association a few days ago. The report reviews the production and operation of the refractory industry from 2011 to 2014. Grade 3 reinforcement (above HRB400) is also ribbed reinforcement, focuses on the existing problems, and puts forward the task of industry development in the future. He said that overcapacity and downstream markets are prominent problems in the operation of China's refractory industry. The main downstream steel, cement and glass of refractories are industries with serious overcapacity. In the next few years, their fixed asset investment, especially new projects, will be significantly reduced, and the demand for refractories will gradually decline. Coupled with the technological progress of refractories and the gradual reduction of consumption per unit product, the problem of overcapacity faced by the industry will become increasingly serious. The current allocation and use policy has been tilted to the refractory industry, but ecological construction, resource protection and efficient utilization have put forward higher requirements, which should be fully prepared

scientific research innovators, such as Beijing Chaoyang High Tech Research Institute of utilization technology, face declining corporate profits, less R & D investment, relatively weak platform construction and basic research, weak awareness of innovation, serious use of ideas, insufficient connection between R & D and application, etc. The domestic economy is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, and the world economy is unpredictable. In the refractory industry, opportunities and challenges coexist in the testing of various physical and mechanical properties of plastic films, rubber, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires and other materials. The "the Belt and Road" aims to open up a solid and smooth channel and strategic development space for the maritime economy, and develop maritime energy and port shipping. Most of its routes are emerging economies and developing countries, which are generally in the period of rising economic development, and there are broad prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation. In the future, China's overseas basic investment will increase, China's high-speed rail and other advantageous industries will enter the international market more, cooperate widely with surrounding countries, and the pace of manufacturing "going global" will be accelerated. Made in China 2025 marks the beginning of a powerful manufacturing country, adhering to strategic measures such as innovation driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization, strengthening strategic support and guarantee, and promoting the implementation of major projects such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial foundation strengthening, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation and manufacturing innovation center construction

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