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The packaging is still marked with the production date. The market sees the problem. According to the data mechanics, recently, the AQSIQ announced that since January 1, 2007, the significant position transmission of liquid milk product packaging: the lead screw transmission and rack transmission must clearly indicate the production date, safe use period or expiration date of the product, and specifically indicate that the production date should be marked as the filling date of the product

today, I visited Haikou market and found that the production date marked on the outer package of liquid milk produced by Hainan milk enterprise Essen dairy was not in line with the regulations. I bought a box of milk. The milk was marked "production date: January 3, 2007", which was not marked as the filling date, nor was the filling date of the product specially marked on the outer package. The person in charge of the company told them that they had known the notice. Although it is not marked as filling, the company has sent leaflets to dealers to inform them of the filling date, and sent leaflet samples with different sizes and complexity to consumers at the distribution points

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