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On July 5, led by Fuzhou Changle economic and Trade Bureau and Shanghai textile service company, and sponsored by Changle chemical fiber Association, the special promotion meeting of domestic large capacity polyester chemical fiber complete equipment and technology was grandly held in Haosheng Changshan Lake Hotel in Changle. Liu Jun, general manager of Shanghai Pacific Textile Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., led the enterprise technical team to participate in this large-scale promotion meeting. At the meeting, the leaders of Changle City introduced in detail that the weight of B thallium and C thallium should be appropriately increased, the development trend of textile industry in Changle region during the "12th Five Year Plan" period and the prospect of polyester chemical fiber in the region, and hoped that Shanghai chemical fiber equipment could actively participate in the great development of textile industry in Changle region. The general managers and technical directors of more than 10 polyester staple fiber production enterprises in Changle region also attended the promotion meeting

at the meeting, the Pacific complete set company introduced in detail the characteristics and characteristics of the company's high-capacity polyester staple fiber complete set equipment. The business focus was on mobile and light automobile industries, and showed the professional technology and expertise of the Pacific complete set company; At present, the Pacific complete set company can not only provide users with complete sets of equipment, but also provide technical services from pre-sale plant site selection to housing design and capital raising services and architectural design. Reflect the service of Pacific complete sets company from the selection of equipment engineering in sale to the selection of public works and various technical conditions; From the installation and commissioning of after-sales complete sets of equipment to the connection with various public works; From the stable operation of equipment to the control of various production material consumption, from the final process start-up of equipment to the realization of technical indicators of various varieties, Pacific complete equipment company can provide services. The company not only has a group of technical experts whose equipment can be designed more than 100000 times, but also has a group of well-known engineering design experts and process start-up expert teams in China, which can provide users with all-round and whole process services. The technical service mode of Pacific complete set company was warmly welcomed by the participants

During the meeting, the expert team of Pacific complete equipment company also had extensive and warm technical exchanges with the engineering and technical personnel of various user enterprises. Liu Jun, general manager of Pacific complete equipment company, not only introduced the company's product and service concept to users, but also analyzed in detail the advantages of using localized equipment and technology in Changle region with the general managers of participating enterprises, From the development trend of polyester chemical fiber in the whole world to the capacity and regional distribution of polyester staple fiber equipment in China, the person in charge of enterprises in Changle region felt that Pacific complete set company not only came to publicize the characteristics of chemical fiber products, but also showed the situation of the whole industry

After the meeting, the technical sales team of Pacific complete equipment company also visited user enterprises in Changle region to conduct specific project technical exchanges in combination with the different market positioning of each user. In just two days, the promotion activity of the general manager of the enterprise caused quite a shock in Changle area. At present, two users have asked to help them carry out the technical scheme design of the project, and several enterprises have entered the preliminary statistical flow stage of the project technical data

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