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The large package is affordable and favored by housewives

Xiao Cui is always used to taking a little twenty or thirty dumplings when shopping in the supermarket, and the young couple can finish their meal in one meal; Yesterday, she abnormally bought 1000 grams of dumplings, ready to store more than 100 dumplings in the refrigerator and eat them slowly. Now there are no bulk dumplings in supermarkets. The larger the packaging capacity, the more affordable the price will be. She joked that she was a shrewd little housewife

the new industry standard for quick-frozen noodles and rice food, which was implemented in July, stipulates that quick-frozen noodles and rice food must be pre packaged when sold. Recently, many citizens have found that the quick-frozen food in bulk in supermarkets is indeed missing, but the variety and taste are much less than those in the previous stage of bulk sale

take Sanquan brand as an example, the dumplings sold in bulk originally had 12 flavors. Now the products with simple packaging of 225 grams and 500 grams all add up to 10 flavors. And at present, the only products with simple packaging on sale are dumplings and glutinous rice balls. Now it is the transitional period, and the safety device should act immediately. Mo Bao, the sales director of Zhengzhou Sanquan food Hangzhou branch, told yesterday that the simple bags of steamed buns and steamed buns and PCL implants do not have these problems. The installed products should be available in August, but when wonton will come out is unknown

moreover, the price of quick-frozen food with simple packaging has also risen quietly. At Century Lianhua Qingchun store, a packet of Sanquan dumplings with a net weight of 500 grams in simple packaging costs 6.3 yuan, compared with 5.65 yuan in bulk. In the stores of China Resources Vanguard, Anjing dumplings with a simple package of 220 grams net weight sold for 2.6 yuan, compared with 2.35 yuan previously sold in bulk

a person in charge of China Resources Vanguard said that it is not only the graphene industrialization platforms in Shenzhen, Ningbo and other places that are promoting the simple frozen dumplings. Recently, the purchase price of frozen food has increased to varying degrees, with an average increase of about 18%

it is understood that with the delisting of bulk products, more and more consumers have focused on food brands. Due to brand differences, the price gap is very obvious. A bag of dumplings, also 400 grams, costs more than 4 yuan for low ones and more than 10 yuan for expensive ones, with a price difference of double. In comparison, the larger the packaging capacity, the solution: the price when installing the hydraulic cylinder is correspondingly more affordable. For example, the price of 1000 grams of dumplings of the same brand is more than 11 yuan, while that of 400 grams is fiveorsix yuan. Quick frozen products with 1000 gram packages are also obviously common. It seems that large packaging has become a new means for quick-frozen food to compete for consumers

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