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Children's writing desk is a very important part of children's room. Therefore, the children's writing desk chosen by parents should be safe, firm and adjustable, and should be relatively novel, cute and bright in color. However, don't choose the one with too fancy color, which will attract children's attention. At the same time, don't buy the one with very mature and dark color, which may be disliked by children and lead to learning effects. Today, let's learn about the children's desk

introduction to children's desk

children's desk is a kind of furniture, which is used to store all kinds of instruments and appliances for single use. It is best to choose the decoration taste that children like to stimulate their imagination. Children are encouraged to assemble or combine at will according to their personal preferences, and new changes will continue to occur. Children's writing desk is better in light colors. Different colors can stimulate children's visual nerves and meet children's imagination of the whole world

children's desk size

standard children's desk, with a length of 1100-1200mm, a width of about 550-600mm, a height of 760mm, a chair standard seat height of 400-440mm, and an overall height of no more than 800mm, meets the needs of school-age children aged 8-14

standard sizes of children's desk

1200*600*1900mm, 1000*500*1520mm, 1500*580*1960mm, 1000*593*743mm, etc. choose a desk suitable for your children

key points of children's desk design

shape of children's desk: choose square, which represents calm

material selection for children's desk: pay attention to environmental protection and avoid harmful substances such as toluene and formaldehyde

safety of children's writing desk: the surface of the writing desk is smooth and delicate to avoid injury to children

selection of children's writing desk

safety of children's writing desk: choose smooth and smooth lines to ensure environmental protection

children's Desk Color: choose suitable furniture according to children's personality

children's desk shape: it is not easy to be too fancy, which will distract children's attention

height of children's desk: 1.1-1.2 meters long, 0.76 meters high and 0.55-0.6 meters wide; The chair seat is 0.4-0.44m high

matching skills for children's writing desk

color of children's writing desk: it is best to choose a softer color

children's desk accessories: the placement of accessories should be neat and orderly, with as few as possible

children's desk space: sufficient space for desk placement

children's desk placement: the desk is placed against the wall, giving people a sense of security

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