What kind of furniture is suitable for the elderly

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What kind of furniture is suitable for the elderly?

the elderly spend the longest time at home every day. The practicality, safety and comfort of furniture are particularly important to them. Bai Na believes that the color of furniture for the elderly should be soft, warm, calm and generous. Calm and solemn should be considered in the design to avoid the grotesque and novel effects caused by strong contrast. The furniture used by the elderly should try to reduce some unsafe factors for their walking activities, such as less edges and corners, so as not to hurt the elderly. Beds should be made of hard mattresses or thickened mattresses with hard bed boards. Soft beds such as spring beds are not suitable for the elderly. In addition, the chair back angle and sitting angle should be larger to increase comfort; Handrails shall be set as far as possible to facilitate grasping when sitting up. In addition, there should not be drawers lower than knees and top cabinets higher than heads, so as to reduce the bowing and climbing of the elderly and avoid injury




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