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In today's Chinese furniture market, panel furniture, soft furniture and solid wood furniture have been basically in a saturated state after years of prosperity, while American furniture has come from behind and become a new favorite of consumers with its atmosphere, simplicity and comfort. Therefore, let's learn about the latest ranking of American furniture brands in 2015

the latest American furniture brand ranked first in 2015. The name of cheese kingdom is really sweet. This brand was founded in 1979. It is regarded as an American ontology brand, and there is only one in Beijing in China. The products follow the traditional American craft, with pure bodybuilding and rural style

the latest American furniture brand ranked second in 2015. Setvina

setvina furniture has the dignity of Royal furniture. Every process is done very delicately, and high-end traditional wood is used to maintain the noble pedigree of furniture, which is very noble, and also has a strong sense of history

2015 the latest American furniture brand ranked third. Alexandro

alexandro is the first furniture brand in the United States to enter the Chinese market. With high-end furniture style, furniture continues to expand to all fields, and in terms of furniture style, it is also constantly combining Chinese elements, which is sought after by consumers

the latest American furniture brand ranked fourth in 2015, and Bilin rural

Bilin rural is a furniture company specializing in American rural style in China, and it is also the only furniture company dominated by colorism in China, with a high market share in Chinese American furniture

the latest American furniture brand ranked fifth in 2015. Huanmei furniture

Huanmei furniture was founded in 1953 and is one of the three major furniture brands in the United States. It has been occupying the American market with humanized design and exquisite craftsmanship. It began to enter the Chinese market in 2008 and is currently available only in a few cities in China. FFDM was founded in 1997, after the senior executives of universal (Huanmei furniture) left Huanmei, with the company concept of creating a great furniture brand. At present, it has a relatively mature sales network and after-sales service in the Chinese market

the latest American furniture brand ranked sixth in 2015. Campbell Li

Guangdong Campbell Li furniture specializes in the production of American furniture for children's suites and student apartments. It has product sales points in more than 20 provinces across the country, and its products have entered the international market

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