The current price of China's hottest glass has 343

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The current price of China's glass has 34.3% room to rise

China glass (6.71, -0.14, -2.04%, real-time market through economy) () - the demand continues to be strong, and the new production capacity is gradually released to contribute to the income

in the traditional peak season, the demand is good, and the new production capacity begins to release: the second half of the year is the peak season of the glass industry, and the demand of the industry is good in a wide range of fields related to the national economy. The company's leading ultra white calendering production line in Nanjing base and the second line in Dongtai base were put into operation in the second half of the year. The annual capacity of the two lines were 400000 heavy containers and 3.95 million heavy containers respectively. Due to the strong demand and the high product price, the monthly profit of Nanjing front line can reach 3million yuan since it was put into operation in september2010. Dongtai is the main base of the company's Low-E glass. At present, the two lines have been completed and put into operation, and the Low-E equipment is in the process of installation. Therefore, in 2010, it temporarily produced ordinary glass products; Driven by strong demand, the two lines reached full production in the second half of the year, effectively contributing a new source of income to the company. It is expected that the two lines of Dongtai will realize Low-E production in the first half and the second half of 2011 respectively

low-e technology is absolutely leading and reproducible, and the supply can be rapidly expanded in the future: the company is one of the only three companies in the world with independent intellectual property rights of Low-E and TCO coating. This kind of technology is in an absolutely leading position in China and saves a lot of technology introduction costs for the company. At present, other glass enterprises need nearly 100 million to introduce a low-E production line, while China can add this process to the production line for only 30million to raise funds to expand its service glass. In addition, the company has replicated relevant technologies and processes on the new production line, and has the ability to rapidly expand the production scale. On the premise that energy conservation and emission reduction are expected to promote the rapid growth of Low-E demand in the future, the company will become the first batch of manufacturers to benefit directly

energy saving and new energy products will be the main products, which are in line with the key points of the 12th Five Year Plan: in the 12th Five Year Plan, energy conservation and emission reduction rank first among the seven strategic emerging industries, and have become the top priority of China's future development. The energy-saving glass represented by Low-E glass is a very important item in building energy conservation. Driven by policies in the future, its growth space is very huge. The company plans to increase the proportion of energy-saving and new energy glass in the product structure to 50% in 2012, and further reduce the proportion of low value-added products to 25% in 2013, while the gross profit margins of Low-E and TCO can reach more than 50% and 70% respectively. Therefore, the focus on the development of such products not only meets the market demand, but also plays an important role in improving and stabilizing the gross profit margin

maintain the buying rating and raise the target price to HK $9.2: in the second half of 2010, the overall demand of the company's new production line was strong after it was put into operation, and the sales volume and price were at a high level, which played an important role in improving the company's revenue. From the aspects of mechanical principle and program software, the accurate measurement range of the measurement range was improved. Therefore, we raised the 2010 revenue to RMB 3.14 billion, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was RMB 299million. Accordingly, the target price was raised to HK $9.2, equivalent to 12.5 times and 9.6 times PE in 2010 and 2011, with 34.3% room for increase compared with the current price

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