The cracking phenomenon of tempered glass panel of

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According to the statistics of the municipal consumers' Association, since last year, there have been 47 complaints about the explosion of tempered glass panels of gas stoves, involving products of 9 brands, including 19 from January to June this year, 1.9 times that of the same period last year

one day at the end of June, the tempered glass panel of the gas stove in Mr. Song's home suddenly burst, frightening his mother into bed. The consumer, Ms. Li, was frightened by the self explosion of the tempered glass panel. She was carrying a pot of hot water and lost her hand, scalding her feet

the municipal consumers' Association reminds consumers that there are potential safety hazards in tempered glass panel gas stoves. Do not scratch or damage the panels. The fire holes and covers should be cleaned at least once a week; If it has been purchased for 8 years, that is, it reaches or exceeds the scrap life, it shall be discarded as soon as possible

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