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Morgan Stanley: the current decline in the oil industry may be more severe than that in 1986

Morgan Stanley: the current decline in the oil industry may be more severe than that in 1986

July 23, 2015

[China paint information] Morgan Stanley said on Wednesday (July 22) that the current downturn in the global oil industry may be more severe than that in 1986, when the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) allowed the market to be in a state of oversupply, As a result, the whole industry experienced the most serious decline in 45 years

the bank released a report on Tuesday that the increased output of OPEC exceeded the impact of the slowdown of shale oil growth in the United States. The report points out that OPEC has increased production by 1.5 million barrels a day since February, roughly equivalent to the growth of global demand in a year. However, the pendulum 3-D design of sjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine can be connected to an external microcomputer to control the experimental process and store and print data. Stanley still expects that the industry will recover before the crisis reaches the level of the 1980s

"the current oversupply can be fully attributed to the supply growth of OPEC in the past four months," said Martijn rats and haythemrashed, analysts of the bank, in their report. "According to the current operating track, this round of decline cycle may be more serious than that in 1986." But for developers in most cities across the country, Morgan Stanley estimates that in response to the decline in oil prices, oil producers have cut investment of US $130billion and laid off 70000 people

industry executives expressed similar concerns. BP CEO Bob Dudley said on June 19 that oil prices "may remain low for a longer time"

however, Morgan Stanley said that although the crude oil futures in the next 25 months suggested a more severe industry decline than that in 1986, the bank believed that the crude oil industry would recover "slowly and gradually" because low oil prices inhibited investment and would 1 Sample stimulates demand. The global market may balance again in the second half of next year

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