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RFID (radio frequency identification) has become a new trend in the development of automatic control

the processing demand for more information and data in process automation makes the traditional automatic control method seem beyond its power. RFID products are just an ideal solution

although only part of the data needs to be read from the code carrier, these data need to be centralized to the controller for processing and serve the users

as far as Turck's first programmable switch bl67-pg-en is concerned, it can reduce the transmission volume of data in the network and speed up the response time of network data

because this switch is programmable and can process some data locally, it greatly reduces the workload of the upper PLC. Therefore, the RFID conversion data that must be processed by the upper PLC in the past can now be completely solved by the programmable switch. The data processed by the programmable gate can be directly called by the upper PLC

bl67-pg-en integrates two functions: programmable and RFID interface module, so that some PLC products with earlier models can still continue to serve the industrial site

bl67-pg-en programmable gate provides CoDeSys free programming software, which provides ladder language, function block, instruction table, sequence diagram and other programming languages, and is suitable for a wide range of customer groups

bl67-pg-en adopts 32-bit control internally, with memory of 512k and operation speed of 1000 statements per second. In addition, two communication modes are provided: 10/100m Ethernet interface and RS232 interface. CoDeSys programming software has good compatibility, which makes it possible to communicate between customs and between customs and their field control equipment

bl67-pg-en improves the control level of BL67 system and makes the upper controller process data more effectively. The programmable gate adopts Modbus TCP protocol, which can directly read and write the code carrier and provide parallel mode. In addition, the programmable switch can also provide the switch of PROFIBUS-DP and ethernet/ip protocols

the combination of programmable gate and RFID blind products is another dream combination of Turk products. The high-temperature carrier can work for 30 minutes at a high temperature of 210 ℃. Turck also provides standard code carriers with diameters of 16mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm. Among them, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm products provide EEPROM and fram reading and writing methods

the carrier with fram technology has the same reading and writing speed as the carrier with EEPROM, and the former can be written 10billion times repeatedly. At the same time, using fram technology can improve the storage capacity of the carrier, up to 2kbyte

the reading and writing distance between the reading and writing head and the code carrier is 20mm to 200mm. There are many types of read-write heads, such as cylinder M18, M30, square ck40, q80 and ring s32xl. Each type of read-write head can be used with the test piece carrier that is inserted by sliding with multiple clamping units, regardless of the reading and writing mode of the carrier

blident products provide flexible 2-8 channel selection and support PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, ethernet/ip, PROFINET io. It should be noted that the temperature is high, Modbus TCP and other communication protocols, and Modbus TCP can also provide programmable switches. Therefore, blident products have good system integration. In addition, we also provide IP20 and IP67 options

blident products provide reliable and fast connectors to ensure the safety of communication between the interface optimization and upgrading new material industry development vitality module and the read-write head. In addition, you can also browse our website, and the competitiveness of the market will be further improved. Through the free simulator, simulate and establish whether the hardware configuration of the whole blident product meets the needs of the site

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