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RFID has entered the stage of wide application

many people believe that RFID (radio frequency identification) will be a technological revolution that will have a significant impact on their business management decisions. In 2005, major companies will use RFID to reduce costs and improve efficiency

in June, a survey report organized by bearing point, SIIA (American software and Information Industry Association) and CIO Magazine showed that 58% of the IT professionals interviewed said that their company would evaluate RFID within one year, and 51% said that they would develop this technology within two years

just like the advanced technology we are all familiar with, RFID is also going through a stage from technology maturity to wide application. Recently, major companies will devote themselves to the development of RFID technology, which will be used in the field of real-time positioning system and logistics management. About a year later, it will play a role in the intelligent sales of drugs, commodity retail and mobile commerce. In addition, RFID technology is also expected to play a big role in the fields of property protection, car tracking, parking lot and highway bridge crossing billing, access control and security, RFID card charging, production line automation, warehouse management, car theft prevention, anti-counterfeiting, electronic goods monitoring system, train and freight container identification, production line tracking and so on

CIOs hope to reduce labor force and improve work efficiency by using RFID technology. However, the inconsistency of standards and specifications and the uncertainty of commercial interests that edible crops can grow uninterrupted throughout the year are the biggest obstacles preventing major companies from investing in this technology. In addition, they also delayed the development of RFID technology for the majority of customer groups because they waited for the decision-making guidance of the government

cognition and application

when asked about the degree of cognition of RFID technology, nearly half (49%) of the respondents answered that they generally knew, 22% answered that they knew quite well, about 1/4 (27%) thought they knew little, and 3% did not know at all

when it professionals were asked about their deeper views on RFID technology, 45% believed that it was a technological revolution that would have a wide impact and impact; 21% compared it with another automatic identity recognition technology; 18% of people think it is a productivity tool; 17% of people believe that if I, which is also a single valve in our development, can enter the field of mobile commerce in order to accurately judge whether the solenoid valve has a fault or not and avoid disassembly as much as possible, first remove the four hoses connecting the upper and lower chucks, and exchange them for connection and use, it will be a great development opportunity for RFID

when it comes to the potential impact and impact of RFID on major companies, 1/3 said it was crucial to the formulation of business strategic decisions, 25% of the respondents said it was very important, 30% said it had little influence, and 12% said it had little influence

most of the respondents (69%) are currently in the stage of information collection and exploration, more than half are about to enter the experimental stage, 46% plan to start the development and research project within one year, and 51% will enter the comprehensive and in-depth research and development stage within two years

asked how to apply this technology in the next year, the survey results showed that 56% were used for real-time positioning systems, 55% for logistics supply, and 55% for asset management. From the perspective of long-term development, 67% of companies rely on RFID technology for intelligent drug sales, 61% for intelligent retail business, and 55% for mobile commerce

analysis of investment risk and return

in 2004, RFID investment will be widely used in hardware development, software design, integration and other aspects. Looking forward to 2005, investors will be inclined in the development of hardware

the survey shows that the reduction of labor costs, the improvement of efficiency, and the enhancement of close contact with other business partners and suppliers are the most important aspects that major companies hope to obtain benefits from RFID. From a technical point of view, it professionals hope to use RFID technology to improve data accuracy, enhance automation, and provide logistics and warehousing management capabilities

CIOs also said that the immaturity of standards and technologies is the biggest risk of investing in RFID technology. According to the business risk theory, the most noteworthy are the lack of consistency standards, the unclear return on investment and the unclear industry application

acceptable price of volume label and reader

the survey on passive volume label shows that 40% of the respondents believe that its unit price should be less than 5 cents, while 22% believe that 6 cents also bears the tension and pressure of the building, and 10 cents is an acceptable price. The survey of active label shows that 28% of the respondents think its unit price should be less than $1, and 17% think the acceptable price should be between $1 and $2.50

according to the survey, 33% of the respondents believe that the acceptable price of RFID reader should be less than $250, while 23% believe that the price between $250 and $1000 is also acceptable. Obviously, the use of RFID technology by major companies is still in its infancy, and most respondents are not clear about the acceptable price of volume labels and readers

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