The hottest RFID electronic tag price war

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RFID electronic tag price war

alien technology recently announced a price reduction for its class 1 GEN1 tag. If the purchase volume is more than 1 million, the price can be reduced. Ultrasonic vibration drilling is a non-traditional processing method to 19 cents per tag. Avery Dennison claimed that the company's Gen 2 labels (inlay) could be sold for 7.9 cents each under the same order quantity

is the five cent label in the myth getting closer and closer to us

alien's EPC class 1 GEN1 all RFID tag (label) currently costs 12.9 cents, and the price of this 96 bit RFID tag has decreased by 44% in the past 12 months. Alien said this reflects a big step forward in the production of widely used and economical RFID tags

similarly, Avery Dennison also announced that their Gen2 ad-220 embedded tag (inlay) together with two GEN1 ad-210 and ad-410 embedded tags (inlay) are now sold for 7.9 cents. It should be noted that this embedded label (inlay) is not the final product, and the finished label will be more expensive

these news easily make people believe that we have taken a big step in reducing the price of labels. However, in this case, purchase orders for more than 1million finished label products are not common. Even for label packaging manufacturers, 1million label purchase orders 9) adopting standard database management experimental data also represents a leap

if a company subscribes to 1million finished labels, it will have to invest $130000 in labels alone. Although some manufacturers of goods will eventually need such a large standard, which has great configuration flexibility, they have no sufficient reason to do so now

these two messages lead to two problems. First, is this just the external publicity of the manufacturer or a real breakthrough? Second, if the company can provide the low price they claim on the premise that the order volume reaches more than 1million, can they also reduce the specified order volume to promote the adoption of EPC

at this point, it is difficult for us to distinguish whether this represents a major trend in RFID tag prices in the future or just the positioning of manufacturers. Even so, this is usually a sign that it can be actually delivered in the future, so we welcome this general trend

information source: RFID world

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