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RFID helps standardize the management of tobacco and cigarette marketing network

recently, the cigarette two dozen and three sweeps project promoted by the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau was successfully debugged in Anqing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (the company's force resolution can almost reach 100000 pull machines), marking a new step in the standardized management of Anqing tobacco and cigarette marketing network

at the end of March this year, the code to article project was fully launched in Anqing Municipal Bureau (company). The whole project includes three stages: preparation, installation and commissioning, and trial operation. After more than two months, the docking of the new logistics distribution system has been realized, and the cigarette coding and strip operation is normal, and the expected goal has been achieved. The near-infrared model of the project has detected a batch of unqualified polypropylene bottles for oral use in practical application. The advanced coding technology is used to truly, timely and comprehensively collect the physical data of cigarette production and operation, so as to realize the material evaluation of cigarette products. This automotive new materials conference was addressed by Mr. Ling Tianjun, chief engineer of SAIC forward looking technology research department. The technical problem flow tracking and whole process management of Jinan gold testing steel hammer electronic universal experimental machine, It is conducive to the synchronous implementation of business flow and logistics in the cigarette supply chain

with the official implementation of the code to article project, Anqing Municipal Bureau (company) has also made new breakthroughs in modern logistics management. The seamless connection between industrial and commercial intermodal transportation, RFID electronic tags, digital warehousing, coding to strip, etc. has formed a highly modern and intelligent logistics warehousing management, which greatly improves the management efficiency

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