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In 2017, the market value of RF power semiconductors driven by gallium nitride reached US $1.5 billion. According to the research data of ABI, a market analysis company, the market size of RF power semiconductors (4 GHz, 3 W) in 2017 was close to US $1.5 billion. In terms of wireless infrastructure, it is the same as in previous years, but in other fields, especially military, national defense and other fields, RF power semiconductors are booming. The company added that gallium nitride (GAN) will be regarded as a new "preferred material" in the field of RF power semiconductors for a long time, and it will occupy a larger market share in the future

"gallium nitride is expected to gain a certain market share in 2018, and it is expected that it will become an important trend in the next few years. The main functions are roughly the same", said Lance Wilson, director. "Gallium nitride fills the gap between the two old-fashioned technologies of gallium arsenide and silicon-based LDMOS, and combines the high-frequency performance of gallium arsenide with the power processing capacity of silicon-based LDMOS", he added, "at present, gallium nitride has been a mainstream technology and occupies a certain market, and will occupy more market shares in the future."

although wireless infrastructure accounts for more than two-thirds of the total sales of RF power semiconductor market, the growth rate tends to be weak in recent years. The rest of the wireless infrastructure will grow at a medium speed in the forecast period from Europe and the United States to Asia and Africa

in the RF power semiconductor business outside the national defense field, especially in the vertical market represented by commercial avionics and air traffic control, RF power semiconductors showed the strongest upward momentum, and lance Wilson described it as "an extremely important market". The report points out that although the manufacturers of these equipment are mainly concentrated in industrialized countries, in such a refined global market, buyers of terminal equipment can buy such products anywhere in the world

these research results come from ABI's RF power semiconductor market data report and the corresponding RF power semiconductors, including: the collaborative comparison of high-power RF devices such as silicon-based, gallium nitride, gallium arsenide, etc. using a graphical window operating system. The report is part of the company's 5 operation process, which completely depends on the operator's operation level g and mobile network infrastructure research service

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