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In the next five years, RFID applications will grow rapidly.

Julie England, vice chairman of Texas Instruments and general manager of RFID department, recently said that as the RFID market will continue to grow rapidly in the next five years, the amount of tags will increase from one million to one billion. This technology will also undergo major innovation, and new applications in the enterprise value chain will appear

"wireless RF, a toy manufacturer headquartered in Billund, announced on June 16 that the application of investment decision ID data collection and value chain will produce a new business model, which is very similar to the emergence of, and will promote the market from pure voice services to integrated services of information, data and transactions." As a keynote speaker at RFID world 2005, England said, "at the forefront of wireless network technology, RFID and electronic product coding (EPC) And the combination of induction technology will open up new applications, including not only identification, but also all information from authentication to monitoring temperature, aging, pressure and high environmental accuracy

england pointed out that from the perspective of this network cutting-edge technology. 4. Looking at RFID before blessing the test piece will be one of the three core elements of the company's RFID strategy in 2005. It includes the value brought by the enterprise application of RFID in the retail logistics supply chain, contactless commerce and the pharmaceutical market. At the same time, it promotes the global unified standards, making it possible to produce large-capacity and high-quality RFID tags and reader modules

"when we accelerate the pace of wireless innovation and inherit the tradition of exploring new RFID markets, value, capacity and new vision are our business beliefs," England said

Ti has been a pioneer in wireless RFID technology. In the past 15 years, TI's RFID technology has been applied in car theft prevention, library management and Mobil Oil rapid payment system. At present, Ti is approaching the milestone of 500million RFID tag products and is adjusting its pace to produce one billion chips, traps, inlay and readhead modules to supply applications in retail logistics supply chain, wireless commerce and medicine industry. Ti is focusing on leading companies in the enterprise value chain in such markets, including manufacturers of consumer packaged goods, zero day sales, credit card companies in 2012, POS terminal suppliers, drug manufacturers, card printing companies and system integrators

"ti's goal is to drive a large number of new RFID applications and innovations to promote the transformation of core business processes," England said. "We are investing in RF, wireless and packaging capabilities, production capacity and global resources to achieve this goal. We are ready to guide the technological innovation of this industry and create value for businesses and consumers

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