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The new era starts again and decides to fight in unity 2018

recently, the Shandong theater of China Heavy Duty Truck Commercial Vehicle Sales Department held a channel mobilization meeting in the first quarter of 2018 with the theme of "starting again in the new era". A total of 82 people attended the meeting, including baohongliang, general manager of commercial vehicle sales department, Zhang Xiaofeng, head of Shandong theater, personnel of project teams in Shandong region, HOWO finance and personnel of distribution units in Shandong region

At the meeting, Bao Hongliang encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts in 2018 and seize the opportunity to set a new record in the Shandong theater. For the heavy truck sales in 2018, Bao Hongliang made a detailed exposition from four aspects: strategic level, tactical perspective, market opportunities and distribution network construction

strategically, when the annual sales revenue reaches 5, we should maintain the leading strategy and implement the differentiation strategy; Maintain the centralized strategy and implement the informatization strategy; Grasping the main contradiction currently facing, grasping the big and letting go of the small, will certainly achieve twice the result with half the effort

tactically, promote financial drive. The current heavy truck sales are not just product sales, but a combination of vehicle + Finance + insurance + logistics links; Adhere to the principle that service helps sales. As an integral part of products, service and accessories have a crucial impact on the spread of product reputation. In order to further increase sales, the card of service helps sales must be played well

2018 is both a test and an opportunity for the commercial vehicle sales department. We should firmly grasp the historical opportunity of the current high-end logistics development, strive to achieve the sales volume of shandeka, and occupy the top of the two adjustable foot truck markets at the back of the national rotary instrument

finally, Bao Hongliang asked all distribution units to enrich their manpower, allocate them reasonably, and divide their work clearly to each person; Learn to communicate and share, come from the market and go to the market; Adjust the product structure and promote the sales growth in combination with the regional market and the current situation of its own products; Make full use of big data to analyze the market, be familiar with the current situation of enterprise logistics, and do a good job in the development of secondary market

During the period of

, xujianfeng, the manager of shandeka marketing department, sundongli, the manager of Taitai mainstream Road taper yingda'er highway vehicle department, and dufuyang, the manager of Taier engineering vehicle department, respectively explained the current situation and improvement of products in 2018, and Yang Min, the manager of HOWO finance, was invited to explain financial products

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