Stanford University set up artificial intelligence

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Stanford University sets up an artificial intelligence research institute original title: Stanford University sets up an artificial intelligence research institute on March 18 local time, Stanford University in the United States announced the establishment of the "people-oriented" Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (HAI), which is co chaired by Stanford University artificial intelligence scientist Li Feifei and philosophy professor John echemandi, and is committed to promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, Let science and technology be people-centered, and strengthen the research on the social impact of artificial intelligence

mark Tessier Lavigne, President of Stanford University, delivered a speech at the Opening Forum of the Institute. He said that AI has shown great potential in improving human life, but it also brings many potential risks. The establishment of Hai aims to reduce the harm of AI and make better use of AI to improve the quality of human life

people's Daily Overseas Edition (March 21, 2019, edition 06) (editor in charge: haomengjia, xiongxu)

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